A Super Cozy?

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In Supergirl 59 we heard Kara admit that she really doesn't have time to date (she seemed a bit embarrassed by it.)  Recently in Action we found out that her idea of an exciting evening is some serious knitting after a visit to the Yarn Barn to look at patterns.  She seemed a bit embarrassed when she admitted that to Jimmy, too.

After the whole New Krypton thing is Kara turning into a career workaholic and evening nester?  Is Dick Grayson going to get crochet seat covers for the Batmobile next Christmas?  Would Damien look good in an argyle scarf?  Would he try to garrote someone with it?

Stephanie needs to take Kara for a girl's night out, some serious ladies intervention.  The 3D Dracula movie and pillow fight wasn't enough.  Or maybe she needs another vacation with Lobo.  She looked pretty good in leathers.
(Just kidding... I like how her character's developed... but she does need to get out more.)

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it's not really all that unusual for her to want to relax at home by herself after what she does during the day....she's a superhero who travels to different planets, fights gods, and gets possessed by her evil self on the regular....I think it's ok for her to want to be a homebody

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Actually, I agree.  It's just funny (and entertaining!) to see her go that direction after her early days on Earth.  And it's not all that surprising or uncommon to see someone party hard and then do a complete 180 later in life.

I wonder if she likes jigsaw puzzles and Sudoku?

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I agree with Dan lol.

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Its a total 180 from when she first started out, especially in comparison to where she was during the "Identity" storyline (Supergirl #10-19). We remember how incredibly douchey she was being in that story, and now we have her doing normal things a tired working woman would want to do after a long day.  In my opinion its a welcome change.

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good thing steph's there for kara. she might've ended up knitting lex some mittens for the holiday.

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