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The Quest for Cosmic Boy continues on the war-torn world of Lallor where Timber Wolf, Atom Girl and Shadow Lass are suspected of assassinating the planet's President! But they would rather face every cop and soldier on Lallor than fight the walking H-bomb known as E.R.G.!


A contingent of Legionnaires, consisting of Atom Girl, Shadow Lass and Timber Wolf, find themselves on the planet of Lallor to search for their former leader, Cosmic Boy. When they reach Lallor, they are attacked by soldiers there. Lallor is in the middle of a civil war between two factions, one that wants to join the United Planets and one that does not. The president, who wants to join the UP, has heard word that his opposing faction has hired a super-powered assassin to kill him. When the Legionnaires arrive on the planet, the Lallor soldiers mistakingly believe that it is them. Before too long, the actual assassin reveals himself. He was a former Legion of Super-Heroes tryout member called E.R.G-1. He explains, upon meeting with the Legionnaires, what occurred in the past and how Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad left him to die on his first mission, which is a skewed version of the story. After E.R.G.-1 blasts part of the roof on Timber Wolf, Timber Wolf knocks the debris away to reveal that he has been transformed into a much more feral version of himself.

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