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The Legion of Super-Heroes, the Wanderers and Terra Firma decide what to do with the Dominators now that they are beaten. Just because they are beaten now doesn't mean that they won't attack again in the future. Cosmic Boy decides that Brainiac 5 should create a bomb that would destroy Dominion. Mon-El delivers the bomb, sacrificing himself in the process. However, this is all a ruse and the bomb was actually a Phantom Zone transporter that was able to teleport the whole planet of Dominion. It also brought Mon-el back to the Phantom Zone so he can remain alive while Brainiac 5 can come up with a permanent cure for him. The reason Cosmic Boy created the ruse was so that Mekt Ranzz wouldn't continue to fight for his ideals and accidentally let loose all the Dominators trying to free Mon-el. Coincidentally, this is also the time when a new Legion of Super-Heroes leader is being voted on. Cosmic Boy takes some time alone to think if he wants to be the Legion leader or take some time off when he's approached by three figures who claim to be from the 41st Century, from a team called the Knights Templus. They explain how Cosmic Boy has inspired them to create their team in the future and wants him to join them. When Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad search to for him to inform him who the leader of the Legion is, they find his flight ring on a statue of the original members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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