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“Supergirl, “Re-Enter Reactron.”

The Girl of Steel and Reactron begin their battle from were the last issue ended. As Supergirl and Reactron battle near the secret nuclear reactor located underground in the campus of Chicago’s Lake Shore University, the reactor itself is reaching the dangerous critical level.

In a traffic jam in another part of Chicago, members from the Doom Patrol are able to see that Reactron is on the move again. The Tempest is impatient with the pace of traffic; as a result Negative Woman activates her negative energy and flies out of their vehicle to scout ahead of the team in the meantime. The Tempest joins Negative Woman while Celsius and Robotman stay behind in the vehicle stopped in traffic.

Back at the battle between Reactron and Supergirl, Supergirl realizes that her fight with Reactron is going to take a little extra effort than what she thought she would have to use. Supergirl is joined by Negative Woman and Tempest. The three of them engage Reactron, but the fight is not going well for the good guys. Supergirl tries encasing Reactron with a large lead pipe to deflect the radiation emanating from him. Tempest urgently warns Supergirl that encasing Reactron with lead like that will cause a small nuclear blast. Urgently the Girl of Steel picks up Reactron encased in lead and flies him into the sky to protect the people of Chicago. A small nuclear blast occurs and Reactron disappears.

As this happens Robotman and Celsius finally arrive on the scene. As Supergirl, Tempest, and Negative Woman recover briefly from the fight, Supergirl wants to know more about Reactron. Tempest recounts his relationship with Reactron back when they were soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War, Tempest’s realization of his own powers, and Reactron’s powers and relationship to the Council.

As the Doom Patrol finishes their story about Reactron’s past, Supergirl remembers that the science department of Lake Shore University has an underground nuclear reactor. The Maid of Might uses her super vision and sees that the reactor was damaged during the beginning of her fight with Reactron underground. Supergirl immediately leaves the Doom Patrol to check on it. To Supergirl’s horror and surprise she finds Reactron right smack in the middle of the reactor soaking up its rays.

With a super juiced up Reactron, Supergirl has some problems on her hand. She manages to grab Reactron by the arm and bring him to the surface, but with the amount of radiation that Reactron has now within himself, Supergirl has no choice but to form a vortex around him and shoot him into space where the power, and it seems Reactron as well, disintegrate and disappear above the atmosphere. The Doom Patrol run to Supergirl’s aid as she crashes to Earth. As the issue ends Robotman tells the others, as Supergirl lay unconscious on the ground that Supergirl is suffering from an unknown and deadly radiation poisoning.

Lois Lane, “The Scream Queen!”

Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen spend a day interviewing and having a day out in Metropolis with the famous horror movie actress Jenny Lind Keaton. Towards the end of the day Lois brings Jenny back to her hotel room. She leaves Jenny at her hotel room and gets into an elevator with a strange man. The strange man pulls a gun on Lois.

Quickly it is revealed that this confused individual is convinced that Lois is Jenny Lind Keaton in disguise, and takes her hostage. He leads her to a secret room built underground in the hotel. This insane individual immediately begins by accusing Jenny Lind Keaton a.k.a. Lois Lane as a real bona-fide witch. The story concludes with the man telling Lois a.k.a. Jenny Lind Keaton, that she has no choice but to cooperate with him, as he points his gun directly at the back of her head.

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