pspin's Supergirl #9 - Like Daughter review

Supergirl #9 Review

Supergirl #9 Review


Supergirl and Silver Banshee fight Black Banshee

The Good:

I really like this series and seeing Supergirl adjust to Earth. One of the things I enjoyed about this particular issue was a comment she made about not knowing what magic was, it made her seem out of place but realistic and it was really cool. The opening flashback was interesting and I liked how the focus was on Silver Banshee.

That leads to the best thing about the issue: Silver Banshee. I did some research here on Comic Vine and I really like how she was turned from a villain to a hero. It is really nice seeing her and Supergirl team up because it shows that even though Supergirl is in New York City and not Metropolis or Gotham that there are still heroes and it gives the series and the New 52 some depth. Her father, the Black Banshee was cool as well; he is a nice break from the Kryptonian enemies that populate Super-Family books.

Michael Green has a really good handle on Kara and it is interesting to see her powers and abilities as she loses control, I find her exploding/energy bomb ability to be fascinating and I hope it is explored in the future. Green’s dialogue is great; it is natural even when the bystanders are talking. Mahmud Asrar is back and even though he was only gone for an issue, but his return is very welcomed.

The Bad:

Not much, mostly little things. There is a dialogue discrepancy between Siobhan and Silver Banshee; Siobhan talked with a thick Irish accent in the last issue but here Sliver Banshee only seems to carry it sometimes, it isn’t major, just annoying.

As much as I like Supergirl adjusting to Earth, she needs to learn English in the next two or three issues; she needs to be able to communicate with humans if she is going to protect them. The pace of the series feels like it is starting to lag but that maybe because the last fight was against four World Killers and this is only against one man.


4.5 out of 5

The series is doing well, slowly but surely. The writing is above par and the art is awesome (Asrar’s return gets an extra half star, I really like this guy.) This was a solid issue that fans who have been enjoying the series will like. New readers should definitely get the previous issue because Silver Banshee has gone from villain to hero in the New 52. I hope Silver Banshee sticks around for a while because she is a gust of fresh air in the series and the New 52 has a habit of killing characters for no real reason.


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