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Krypton Hills, 90210

Sheesh. Just when I think I am getting a handle of the series I leave with another headache wondering what the heck is going on.

What the heck is going on?

Supergirl and Power Girl mystically are fighting on I guess Earth now. Weren't they in a battle on Kandor like, two seconds ago? Did Supergirl accept something about her home city of Argo from that telepath? Is the telepath responsible for this weird teleportation or something from one place to the other? At least I am not the only one wondering, because Power Girl also appears to know nothing.

After that little tiff, the rest of the comic is some kind of 90210 episode. Supergirl out on a date. Yay. Nothing at all interesting this entire time other than a nice shot of her bent over a pool table commenting about her 'S'.

I see there are still all kinds of odd flashbacks and things with other heroes and stuff. While I don't mind cameos, will this Supergirl comic ever stand on its own without this necessity of always bringing in a bunch of other DC heroes? or is that how DC does it now for everything?


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    what the hell is going on? this was only the 9th issue and everyone was acting like she had been here for years. i get the whole 1 year later thing but still. and what was the last story arc about? where were they? did they just leave all those people to be ruled or killed? and the incest thing? how did she get her own appartment? how did she and cassie become friends? since when is she friends with bruce? why is she a skank? after she got the tattoo a couple of issues ago ( what the fuck was th...

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