duo_forbidden's Supergirl #63 - Good Looking Corpse, Part Four review

"...It's time the masks finally came off."

Synopsis: Alexander's true identity is revealed.

What's Good?

With Nick Spencer out of the picture for the past issues, James Peaty has a lot of ground to cover after the last issue. Thankfully, things get back on track somewhat. But besides Kara, Damian and Lois Lane have their moments as well. The true appearance of Alexander was someone totally unexpected. When this story arc first started, I'd figured that Alexander was turning out to be a new foe (which he is technically speaking), but when putting all the pieces all together, it actually makes sense on who he really is.

For those who don't know what I mean:

Bernard Chang's artwork is still vibrant as ever.

What's Bad?

While the development is better than the last issues, I can't help to notice how short this issue was. Other than Alex's small origin story and the big reveal at the end, nothing else happened.

Overall: With this new development, maybe this could be the right set up for a decent conclusion.

Posted by blackkitty

I really hate this non-continuity thing. i mean, she's dark Super-Girl in the Justice League so...what...she gets better when she's in her own series? I'm confused....

Edited by Duo_forbidden

The Justice League of America issues with her turning "evil" then turning back only to be captured by Doomsday, is most likely after this storyline possibly. They'll probably mention it later on after the Reign of Doomsday story is over.

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