duo_forbidden's Supergirl #62 - Good Looking Corpse, Part Three review

Supergirl teams up with Robin, Blue Beetle, and Miss Martian

Synopsis: Supergirl teams up with other young heroes to take on Alexander.

What's Good?

Supergirl has seemed to take this new villain personal for her after finding some Kryptonian technology within the fake robots posing as supervillains. Instead of taking this new villain by herself, she gets some help with some other young superheroes. The surprising part of the issue is probably Alexander part with Cadmus.

I'm still enjoying Bernard Chang as the artist. Guest characters like Blue Beetle and Martian Girl look great .

What's Bad?

It really seems like Nick Spencer abandoned his run for this book and left it to James Peaty. It's like the main focus of the story was lost, like the phone app plot. A lot of events that could possibly be useful to the plot is only shown in single flashback panels (like Kara saving Blue Beetle or Kara looking for clues in the lab). Miss Martian being revealed to be involved from the start just feels like another huge hole in the plot.

Overall: Again, the plot feels like it came apart with this issue. Hopefully, this can fixed in the next issue, but the way this is going,

 Down, but hopefully not out

I'm not so sure.


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