harleyquinn12's Supergirl #60 - Good-Looking Corpse, Part One review

Bye bye, Sterling and Jamal!

As you've probably heard, Supergirl has a new creative team now. Taking over from Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle, are writers  Nick Spencer and James Peaty, and artist Bernard Chang. I really enjoyed Sterling and Jamal's run on Supergirl, and this issue didn't quite live up to their standards. 
The story opens with a few college kids talking about Supergirl(for the most part). That only lasts for a page until we transition to Lois Lane and Catherine Deveroux(who I'm not familiar with), talking about Catherine's job at Cadmus. We transition then to Supergirl, who saves a boy from falling off a building. Back to the colllege kids, we find that one of them has developed a new iphone app, which allows you to, basically stalk superheroes. Apparently, this kid, named Alex, calls in a couple of supervillains to fight Supergirl, among them Kryptonite Man and Silver Banshee. We flash bewtween Lois, Alex, and Supergirl, until the issue ends with Supergirl knocked out, and Alex says that he's planning to kill Supergirl.  

Not to be critcal, all you need to know about the art, is that, Supergirl is now a 23-year old anorexic. No, I enjoyed the art enough,  even if Supergirl might not look normal, I really enjoy Chang's new style. I liked his art in Superman, but this art seems less vibrant, and sometimes feels like it;s not even inked. He does draw a nice Supergirl, but he has a hard time drawing normal people. I wish there would have been more fight scenes, but that's one thing this issue lacked. 
I love Nick Spencer, love him, from his work on Jimmy olsen, ThunderAgents, and Morning Glories, but I think that the story seems a bit rushed. It seems a bitsilly for Supergirl, but I can understand, because he's only writing a million books. Peaty's dialogue is nice, and he has a nice handle on Supergirl, and just conversation in general.  One criticism I have is that they transitioned too much, between Lois and Catherine, Alex and his friends and Supergirl, It feels like too much.
I won't say this issue was fabulous, but I'll probably buy the next issue.


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