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Supergirl, “Battleground O’Hare.”

Supergirl is on a roof top contemplating the unsuccessful attempt to look for the remaining Gang member, Brains, after her successful battle with them in the previous issue. Supergirl puts her Linda Danvers outfit on and goes to school to help her Psych Professor, Professor Metzner to organize his office.

Gang member, Brains, is in the middle of Lake Michigan on her boat waiting to be rescued by Mr. Adams and the Council. Her boat is nearly capsized when a large robot flies into the sky from underneath Lake Michigan. A few boats approach her and they tell her that she has just witnessed a top secret project and they take her into custody.

On their way home, Linda Danvers and her friend Joan Raymond find a stray cat, Linda adopts the cat and names it Streaky. After feeding her adopted cat, Linda listens to the news on the radio. The radio newscaster is handed an emergency bulletin. The newscaster reports that there is currently a large robot terrorizing at the Chicago O’Hare Airport. Linda immediately goes into Supergirl mode and flies to the airport.

At the airport a few guards fire their weapons and quickly realize that they aren’t being affective. It is here that we discover that the name that the robot goes by is Matrix Prime. Matrix Prime shoots mini-robots out from a door built into his chest so that they can deal with all of the guards shooting their weapons toward Prime. Matrix Prime then releases working drones in the very same manner after achieving a visual of his primary objective that is inside of an airport hangar.

Supergirl arrives and begins to battle with Prime. As Supergirl battles the robot, the worker-drones begin to acquire their main objective inside the hangar. Supergirl is realizing that she is being distracted by Matrix Prime away from the worker-drones.

The worker-drones managed to acquire their objective at the airport, because of this Matrix Prime begins to fly away. In order to distract Supergirl from her pursuit of the robot, Matrix Prime shoots missiles toward the city. Supergirl breaks off her pursuit of Matrix in order to stop the missiles form hitting their targets. After Supergirl stops the missiles from hitting their targets, she now turns her attention back to Matrix Prime. Supergirl uses her super-vision and sees that the robot is heading toward an underwater facility.

Continued in the next issue, in Supergirl No. 7, “This Meeting Will Come to Disorder.”

Lois Lane, “Head Over Heels in Trouble.”

Brainstorm’s three lackeys who kidnapped Jimmy Olsen in the previous Supergirl issue try to convince a disguised Lois Lane that they were acting and Jimmy Olsen tied up to a chair is all a part of the act. They quickly notice that Lois Lane is wearing high heel shoes; the lackeys deduce that food delivery people (Lois Lane’s disguise) do not wear high heel shoes. Immediately Lois Lane realizes that she may be in trouble.

The three lackey’s start to grab Lois Lane; Jimmy Olsen’s anger begins to boil. Olsen wishes that he had the strength of Superman to break the ropes. Interestingly he accumulated enough strength to break the ropes to the tremendous surprise of Brainstorm’s lackeys. He begins to fight the lackeys and so does Lois Lane, and the two of them defeat the lackeys.

Back at the Daily Planet Lois and Olsen get into an argument about who’s story it is going to be. Perry White settles the dispute by telling the both of them that they will share the story, and it will belong to both of them. Olsen also tries to convince Perry White that not only does he have the ability to foresee the future, but he now has the ability to have wish power. To give some proof to Perry, Jimmy tells him that he will wish to fly. Jimmy wishes to fly and attempts to do it, but falls flat on his face, and Perry walks away from Olsen.

Lois, Olsen, Mark Spencer, and Jamie Gillis all head over to Steve Conrads new restaurant, La Princesse, to enjoy their evening.

In the next morning Lois heads out the door and is surprised to see a baby sitting by her door. There is a note by the baby, her former roommate Kristin Cutler had left her baby, Cindy, in her custody. She realizes that she has no choice but to bring the child with her to work. At work Perry tells Lois that there has been a mob hit, and that the person who was taken out by the mob was Kristin Cutler.

Story to continue in the next Supergirl issue, No. 7, “This Meeting Will Come to Disorder.”

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