duo_forbidden's Supergirl #58 - Day of The Dollmaker, Part One: Toying With Emotions review

Chucky? Is that you?

There's a new toymaker in town, and just in time for the holidays.


I can honestly say that Toyman is one of my least favorite villains in Superman comics, but it wasn't surprising that he would be a suspect for Cat Grant. Kara has no love for the guy either because of one of his inventions played a part in the destruction of her home. The summary of how Cat Grant became the person that she is now after Toyman killed her son by Lana, was a nice touch and especially a good reminder since it happened so long ago (We're talking about early 90s). This is probably another factor in why she dislikes Supergirl, because she's young and her son would be close around her age, instead of the excuse of not being a real superhero, or complaining about how short her skirt is. So....remember all those kids that were mysteriously taken away a couple of issues ago? Well, they finally play a role in this issue and we also discover who kidnapped them who is no other than a new villain called The Dollmaker who kind of looks like Chucky.

I love the cover for this issue by Amy Reeder & Guy Major. It's simple, but it has a elegant look for Supergirl. Thanks to Jamal Igle, rest of the issue looks great. I'm hoping he stays a little bit longer.


Minor complaint, but Gates really needs to tackle one problem at a time. I'm sure that Superwoman could have waited a little while longer, but then again, it's been like 4 or 5 issues since he last addressed her. I'm hoping she won't play a huge part with the current story.

Overall: This a decent start. I would say that Supergirl has her own Toy villain.


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