harleyquinn12's Supergirl #55 - Fakeouts review

Return to Bizarro World!

Supergirl not a fun book, and Sterling Gates nor Jamal Igle haven't done a great job  revitalizing the character! April Fools! That, or it's Bizarro-Girl writing that! 
In the beginning, we start with a flashback to Bizarro World. Bizarro plans to ship himslf, and his cousin, Bizarro-Girl to Earth. He is detred by Bizarro Jimmy Olsen, and Bizarro Lois Lane, who manage to stop Bizarro from leaving, but not the rocket containing Bizarro Girl to be sent to Earth. We cut back to present time, and Bizarro Girl is planning to kil, and apparently, saute, or barbecue Jimmy Olsen, Supergirl, magnificently steps in, and punches Bizarro Girl. BIzarro Girl had sewn Jimmy's, Dr. Light's, and many others hands into crystal, and using a trick Supergirl learned from the Flash, she stes everyone free. Supergirl fights Bizarro Girl until a breif interlude from Cat Grant and perry White, at the Daily Planet. Cat is planning to basically ruin Supergirl by writing an article about her, but Perry disaproves. Over on the other side of Metropolis, Supergirl continues to fight Bizarro Girl, with little help from Gangbuster, who is shortly knocked out. Supergirl punches Bizarro Girl across the field that they're fighting in, and Supergirl approaches Doctor Light, who stes off a sonic boom, rendering Bizarro Girl unconcius, allowing Supergirl to flick her with her fingers. Apparently, Supergirl trusts Bizarro Girl, but Dr. Light doesn't, and Kara punches Light., and prepares to take Bizarro Girl back to Bizarro World.

The writing is nice, humorous, and yet , Gates manages to craft a simple, yet captivating story. It's silly, but fun, and is a pleasurable read. The story, rather the ending was intersting, I don't understand the friction between Supergirl and Dr. Light. Kimiyo didn't do anything to upset Kara. I still want to see want happens when Supergirl gets to Bizarro World. 
I looooooove the art! Jamal Igle is very sketchy, and detailed, I love the characters poses, and their hair too! My favori8te were the two pages of Cat and Perry, better than the already amazing battle scenes. Amy Reeder cover is fantastic, I love the use of the clean staright lines in Supergirl, and the ruffled clothes of Bizarro Girl.

Me no enjoy this book, me enjoy the incoherent speech patterns of the highly uneducated Bizarros.  
The art was amazing, the story was fun, a bit less Bizarro speak, would have made this issue better.


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