haydenclaireheroes's Supergirl #55 - Fakeouts review

"I am ugly" -Bizzaro girl



The cover is cool and I kind of like the mirror fragments on the cover.


Bizzaro #1 sends Bizzaro girl to earth. Bizzaro girl keeps saying that she is ugly in Supergirl’s statue form but, that means she is beautiful. Right as Bizzaro girl is going to kill Jimmy Supergirl punches Bizzaro girl. Supergirl was able to vibrate herself out of the stone it was something Flash taught her. Back at the Daily planet Perry wants Lois back and Cat wants to ask Perry a question but, has to wait in till he is off the phone. Cat gets a package and leaves without asking Perry the question. Supergirl is fighting Bizzaro girl and gets Doctor Light to hit Bizzaro girl with a blast to lose her powers. After Supergirl defeats Bizzaro girl Doctor Light wants to analyze her. Doctor light said Bizzaro girl is from a different planet and needs to be checked and Supergirl gets offended and punches Doctor Light and takes Bizzaro girl. Supergirl goes into Bizzaro girl’s ship and flies to Bizzaro world.

Best Part

I like to see that Supergirl got of the stone state by using a trick from the flash. You always see the Flash use that move but, never see Supergirl use it in till now. I also like that Bizzaro girl keeps saying she is ugly but, that means in Bizzaro talk that she is pretty. The mystery with Cat and her package is also interesting.

Worst Part

The Bizzaro talk got a little annoying after a while and even though it was needed in the issue I was there was like a translation or something. I also did not like the ending because it really did not explain why Supergirl was going to Bizzaro World.


The art is good in this series especially the fighting scenes with Bizzaro girl and Supergirl.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!!!                 

Posted by B'Town

The cover is cool!  I haven't got my issue yet.  I am looking foward to it, I hope the Bizzaro Girl doesn't get me too confused.  :)  Thanks for the review.

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