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Review: Supergirl #54


The Story

Bizarro Girl continues to wreck havoc upon downtown Metropolis and she's not  only endangering regular citizens but also close friends of Super-Girl. Meanwhile Kara is still dealing with the loss of her family and her people, and is sincerely considering leaving the life of super-heroism for a normal life as Linda Lang.

The Good

This title is really heading in a interesting direction, mainly in part to Sterling Gates incredibly strong writing and a very intuitive art team. This issue in particular however is a perfect example of foreshadowed things to come for this title during this arc. From the solid dialogue to a story with just the right balance of action, humor, and suspense. This issue has a lot going for it, from heroics by Jimmy Olsen too new and old character appearances, that are  only sure to cause problems and challenges down the line for Super-Girl. Plus, a last page cliff hanger that got me super-duper excited for the next issue. 

The Bad

There really isn't much in terms of bad in this issue considering all the things it successfully covers. Aside from the   advertisements consistently coming at horrible times and a small issue with cohesion this issue really delivers.    

The Verdict: 4/5

 The writing, art, and story are always consistently strong on this current run and especially this issue in particular. It's just  a flat-out, entertaining read that you will surely get lost in, in a good way. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for just a fun read, and not just for the Super-Girl fans but if you plan on picking this title up this issue also makes a great jumping on for new readers.  




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