mask_of_tengu's Supergirl #53 - Fallout review


Cover: I liked the cover a lot.
Art: The art was gorgeous.  I found myself stopping during the story many times admiring the art and backgrounds.  Even the citizens of Metropolis were interesting. 
Story/Plot: Supergirl is dealing with a lot of pain after what happened to New Krypton.  I thought the emotions conveyed were appropriate.  It has been, I believe, a month since the big war happened.  She has already shed her tears.  I am happy to see her relationship with Lana is continuing.  The scenes with Superwoman spark my interest and I wonder what will become of her.  Gangbuster and Dr Light's parts in the story were well done.  I think the new direction will be good for Supergirl.  I was not thrilled with who popped up at the end.  AAARGH...oh well. 
Characterization/Continuity: On characterization, I think Gates is capturing how I think an alien teenager who is trying to fit in would act.  Very well done. 
Best Part To Me: Supergirl's dreams...they are so bleak. 
Worst Part To Me: The reveal at the end. 
Overall: I would strongly recommend this issue especially to those who were thinking of picking up this title as it is now a good jumping on point.  I am sure others will enjoy the end of the book.  I will not let that destroy my rating. 


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