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Supergirl, “Fear Times Four.”

Supergirl, still suffering from Ms. Mesmer’s post- hypnotic suggestion flies away from the fight; as she flies away Kong is mocking her for leaving. Supergirl leaves a defenseless John Ostrander to deal with the Gang alone.

Supergirl, still worried that the world is seeing her as Linda Danvers and not Supergirl finds her parents at the restaurant where they had gotten a table to wait for her. She swiftly snatches them from the table without anyone in the restaurant seeing her. She tells Mr. and Mrs. Danvers, her parents, that she is Linda Danvers. Mr. and Mrs. Danvers knowing that their daughter is dressed in her Supergirl outfit tries to convince her that she isn’t in her civvies. She tells her parents that she can’t shake the fact that she feels that the world is seeing right through her secret identity, and she feels even more horrible at the fact that she has just left John Ostrander all alone with the Gang.

The Gang has taken a scared John Ostrander to their home in a bad part of Chicago. The Gang continues to interrogate John Ostrander for the package that Mr. Adams sent him to deliver to them. John Ostrander finally realizes that the package that he was paid to deliver, was for the Gang. He looks into his pocket to retrieve the package for them, but realizes that he must have left the package back at the theater where he had auditioned in the previous issue. Bulldozer wants to dispose of him, but Brains reminds him of their agreement that they would not kill in their line of work.

Brains then proceeds to remind Bulldozer and the rest of the Gang about their origination, and their goals. Their goals are to be rich, unlike compared to their beginnings living in the poor south-side of Chicago. Brains further tells Ostrander that the Gang will have their money that he lost.

Supergirl still concerned that there is a mix up in her identities, puts on her civvies before she arrives back at her apartment building. Linda tries to comfort a shaken Mrs. Berkowitz. The news is also reporting the story and informs the public that the same people that stole the satellite at the Aerospace Technologies Show (previous issue) are the same people that have terrorized the area where Linda Danvers is living.

Mr. Adams was watching this newscast and is upset that the Gang is making a big issue out of some money that has disappeared and remarks that he could have replaced the amount easily. He quickly convenes a meeting of the Council to discuss the now limited future of the Gang.

An impatient Gang takes Ostrander to the theater where he left their package of money. As they are looking around for the package, a security guard catches them. Ms. Mesmer attempts to hypnotize the guard; however, she is shot by the guard in the process. And angry Kong and Bulldozer chases after him. The guard begins to shoot Kong, but the bullets just fly off of him. Kong explains to the guard that his outfit is bulletproof.

Supergirl, a distance away, hears the gun shots and quickly flies to that location. She gets there in time to intervene. Supergirl immediately begins to take on Bulldozer. Supergirl is still worried that people are seeing her as Linda Danvers and not as Supergirl. She is able to take out Bulldozer, she then intercepts a fleeing Kong and wounded Ms. Mesmer from that gunshot. Ms. Mesmer promises Supergirl that if she gets her to a hospital to get her gunshot wound treated, she will release her from her hypnotic state. Supergirl agrees and flies her and Kong to a hospital. All of this happens while Brains gets away in a boat.

Lois Lane, “Brain Drain.”

Perry White is grilling Jimmy Olsen as to how he has written the mysterious stories that are written before they come true. Olsen determined to prove to Perry White that it is true, storms out of Perry’s office to get the proof that he needs. Lois Lane rushes out of Perry’s office to catch Jimmy, and tells him to not be impulsive in getting his proof. Jimmy Olsen ignores the advice from Lois and storms out anyway. It is in this conversation that it is revealed that Jimmy has psychic abilities.

Lois Lane follows Jimmy Olsen out onto the busy streets of Metropolis. As she follows him she witnesses Jimmy being abducted by two men. These two men force Olsen into their car and speed away. Lois immediately runs back to the Daily Planet to get help.

Lois Lane is back at the Daily Planet and is trying to remember the license plate number of the car that took Olsen. She finally remembers what it is and rushes to the Motor Vehicle Bureau to call in a favor for help in determining the owner of the vehicle.

At a factory warehouse we discover who was behind the abduction of Olsen. Lackeys tell Olsen, who is now tied to a chair, that Brainstorm sent them to catch Olsen and bring him there. The three lackeys begin interrogating Olsen, their objective, the lottery number. However, Olsen tries to convince them that his psychic abilities are gone, but alas, the three lackeys do not believe him.

Lois Lane figured out where Olsen is being held, and is now looking through a window observing what is going on. In order to get into the factory, she disguises herself as a food take-out delivery person. She is successfully in the same room where Olsen is being held, but asks herself, “Now what do I do?”

Continued in the next Supergirl issue in, Lois Lane, “Head Over Heels in Trouble.”

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