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Songs of Mourning (With Ghory Content!)

Lana Lang is talking with Perry and excusing herself for her being late, but she had a doctor appointment. Perry doesn't care, but what HE doesn't know is that Lana is slowly but surely dying. The porter opens the door for Miss Lang and goes to call a cab whilst she stays on the phone, and, when the porter comes back, Lana is on the floor, blood erupting from her nose, eyes and mouth and her cell on the floor. Oops! Not SO slowly after all! 
So while the porter freaks out and calls the ER, he doesn't notice some weird insect thingy's crawling all over Lana's dying body, (This issue is sorta ghory, don't read it if you hate blood since there is a handfull of that in it!) 
Meanwhile, Kara is basically wrapping things up with the Silver Banshee and trying to regain control of her body -- which incidentally isn't as easy as it looks. 
Finally, after whatever happens then, Kara arrives at the hospital-- to learn that her friend, Lana Lang, is dead. 
We feel terribly sorry for Kara, and I nearly cried while reading this since she is such a perfect and loveable person and her BEST friend just died! I felt sympathy for her and wanted things to turn out well for once! 
The issue ends with Lana's corpse covered with groce goey insects, like a cocoon. Wait... What's that you told me? She used to be codenamed the insect Queen? Plain Weird. Anyways, the cocoon tears open with an eerie green light inside... 
To be continued in Supergirl #50...


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