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Supergirl has answered the question "Who is Superwoman?" but there's more to the mystery! In this dramatic epilogue issue, Supergirl must deliver devastating news to one of Superman's closest allies! And something strange is going on with Lana Lang – can anyone help her before it's too late? Back on New Krypton, Alura is none too happy with her daughter – leading to some drastic consequences for our Girl of Steel!

It starts with a narration about General Sam Lane, a man who never showed his feelings for anyone and remembers giving the Superwoman costume to Lucy and tells her it will make her appear Kryptonian and told her not to be scared and how he believed she would make him proud. General Lane is then told that nothing substantial was found on the costume and says that if the suit's field was disrupted, it would have overcompensated and vaporized Supergirl. But then Drew shows the remains of Superwoman to Lane who then decides he's not just going to kill Superwoman, but do something much worse. The next day, Kara tells Lana Lang and Lois Lane everything that happened about Superwoman and also brought some remains of Superwoman's costume to her apartment. Lois was first speechless, but then asks for it to be repeated and so Kara tells her about how she had only met Lucy Lane once before the night at the police station and when Superwoman first approached her, she tried to see her face but the costume appeared to be made of something that interfered with her vision but later on she found the costume and her vision worked on it perfectly. It was fabric with small fragments of human hair and skin it got her thinking and at the same time she remembered Major Lane's cell phone ringing and and realized it was Superwoman's communicator because she heard it when they first fought but was half unconscious and didn't put it together at the police station while Major Lane put it off. She then confronted Superwoman and removed her mask so fast she couldn't stop her and saw that she was Lois's sister, Major Lucy Lane. Lois doesn't want to believe it and tells Kara she has to leave and she gets mad because Superwoman was working with the man who killed her dad and she says she's sorry but Lois tells her that she knows she's sorry but she wants proof and Kara isn't giving her enough and she has to leave. Lois says that the last time she saw Lucy was at Jonathan's funeral and she said she wants to do something to make him proud of her and says Kara has to leave. Kara is mad because Superwoman tried to kill her and thinks Lois is being unfair but then Lois says she wants her to give her a piece of the costume because she wants to have some people look at it. She uses her heat vision to remove a strip and gives it to her. She says she's sorry and Lois knows, but doesn't want to see Kara right now. Lois then goes to the phone and books a ticket from Metropolis to Washington National. Later, it shows a unit of soldiers with special armor going to S.T.A.R Labs, only to get attacked by a bunch of metahumans. As the request for backup, Drew releases Major Krull from a chamber and him he managed to get him out because the general wanted him to test something. He then gives him a new suit and gold kryptonite. Later on, Supergirl is watching the news and says she wishes she could have stopped Reactron from killing a bunch of police men while saying her day was bad while Lana thinks it went as expected. They then talk about Superwoman and how she didn't mean to kill her and she didn't know the suit would explode and Lana thinks something was wrong with Lucy and wonders how she even got that suit. Supergirl asks Lana if she knew her and she tells her she met her a few times and how she always seemed to try to prove herself at something. She says it must have been hard for them as they grew up in a military household and after their father's "death", Lucy was distraught and she had a fallout with Lois and then Lois lost track of her and their relationship never recovered. Supergirl then decides to go back and first gives flowers and a thank you note to Inspector Henderson and decides she'll tell her mother everything about Reactron. She and Lana hug and then as Supergirl departs, she tells Lana she can call her Linda and then flies away, telling her to remember to feed her cat. Lana then receives a call, telling her that they got her test results and all they can say is sorry. Supergirl flies past the sun while thinking about what will happen when she tells her mother and at the same time knows she can't conceal the truth but will help her mother deal with Zor-El's death and and the same time, tell her she can live on her own she's her own person and she has two homes and will have to deal with the problems of them both, but thinks she can handle them, after al she is Supergirl.

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