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Supergirl, “Hail, Hail, The Gangs All Here.”

The Gang is robbing an Aerospace Technologies Show, and the item that they are trying to steal is a satellite dish. The Gang is interrupted when Supergirl arrives on the scene; Kong and Bulldozer, the two male members of the Gang, immediately tag-team it against the Girl of Steel. The two female members of the Gang, Brains and Ms. Mesmer put an end to Supergirl’s interference; Ms. Mesmer hypnotizes Supergirl. While Supergirl is hypnotized the Gang is able to make their escape along with the stolen satellite. A Police Officer is able to help Supergirl to snap out of her hypnotic state.

Very confused as to what just happened to her, Supergirl decides that she has no idea where the Gang is, nor does she have the time to start looking because she needed to get to school at Lake Shore University.

In a business building in another part of Chicago a Lester Adams is in a meeting with Gang member Brains. Brains has come to Adams for payment for stealing the satellite for him. Adams explains that he sent a lackey that he hired to deliver the money to the Gang for the job that they had undergone for him. The lackey that Lester Adams spoke of is John Ostrander, Linda Danvers’ neighbor.

John Ostrander runs into Linda in their apartment building. John Ostrander tells Linda that he has to deliver a package to someone and get to a theater to audition for a show. He tells her that he has to deliver the package first; however, he said that unless he gets to the theater right now he won’t have a chance to audition, so he puts off going to deliver the package. Linda thinks to herself that John Ostrander is really irresponsible.

Linda rushes to meet up with her parents. Linda and her parents go walking around the city of Chicago. Her parents ask her about her life, both as Linda, and as Supergirl. Linda explains to her parents that she has had to learn how to juggle her life as Linda and as Supergirl. In mid-conversation her super-hearing prompts her into action. Fred and Edna Danvers, her parents, tell her to go and take care of things and they will go get a table and meet up with her when she is finished with what she has to do.

Linda gets into her Supergirl outfit and follows her super-hearing. Supergirl’s super-hearing leads her back to her own apartment.

Supergirl discovers that the Gang is aggressively interrogating John Ostrander. John Ostrander tells the Gang that he doesn’t know them, and Brains tells John Ostrander that he has something of theirs. Supergirl crashes through the window and rescues John Ostrander from the Gang.

Kong and Bulldozer immediately go on the attack; they throw Supergirl into a wall. Supergirl strategically thinks to herself that she has to do a better job of watching her back. As the Girl of Steel picks herself up off the ground she sees her reflection, and her reflection is not her as Supergirl but is her as Linda Danvers. Supergirl psyches herself out and becomes incredibly nervous that the Gang and John Ostrander are all seeing her as Linda Danvers and not Supergirl, she panics and flies away rather quickly. Ms. Mesmer explains to Brains that Supergirl was suffering from after effects from the hypnotic spell she left her with that morning. She further explains to Brains that Supergirl saw something that she was afraid of in her reflection. John Ostrander now becomes terrified that Supergirl had left him all alone with the Gang.

Story to continue in the next issue.

Lois Lane, “Missy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.”

In the last issue we find Lois Lane running away from danger. She discovers the plot behind the kidnapping of teenage model Missy Conrad, and the kidnappers don’t want her telling anyone about it. The kidnappers are in hot pursuit of the daring Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane. The two kidnappers chase Lois down an empty alley; however, Lois is successfully able to hide from them underneath a beat up vehicle. After the kidnappers leave, Lois comes out from underneath the car and exclaims that she has to go quickly to get the police.

The kidnappers go back up to the room where Missy Conrad and her Father are. They discover Steve Conrad holding a bat in defense of his daughter. This only makes the kidnappers angrier. A scuffle breaks out and one of the kidnappers is able to wrest the baseball bat away from Steve Conrad’s possession. The kidnapper now with the bat swings hard and hits Steve Conrad exclaiming, “No one’s ever survived one of my death blows.” Steve Conrad collapses to the floor. The kidnappers now grab a shocked Missy and head out of the apartment.

As they head down the dark hall way they see a darkened female figure heading their way, and thinking that it was Lois Lane one of the kidnappers pulled out his gun and shot that person. However, the two kidnappers and Missy discover that the female figure that the kidnapper shot was Missy’s own Mother. Missy’s Mother was undoubtedly there to see why Steve had taken Missy away from her. Missy, understandably full of tears, starts hitting her fists on the chest of the man who had killed both her Father and Mother.

Lois Lane and a police officer arrive at the scene and discover a shot Mrs. Conrad, with the two criminals and Missy standing close by. The two criminals after seeing the police officer attempt to make a run for it. Before the criminals could escape Lois grabs one of them by the hair and knee hits him in the face, while the police officer hits the other criminal in the face with his baton.

Missy is now sobbing in the arms of Lois Lane. Missy and Lois Lane are now in the waiting room of a hospital, waiting to find out if Missy’s parents are going to be okay. Steve Conrad comes out with a patch over the spot where he was hit with the bat. Missy and Lois smile at the relief to find out that Mr. Conrad was going to be alright, that the so called death blow had not incurred actual death, but only a really nasty bump and a bad headache.

After much anticipation Mrs. Conrad’s doctor comes out to the waiting room where Missy, Steve, and Lois are waiting to find out about the results to the surgery he had conducted on Mrs. Conrad. The doctor informs the three that Mrs. Conrad is alive; however, he informs them that she will be paralyzed for a long time and will need help taking care of herself. The doctor suggests that they put her in a nursing home, to this Steve rejects. Steve Conrad says that she has a family to take care of her. Missy is happy that her parents will be okay and also happy that her Father is back in her and her Mother’s life again.

Back at the Daily Planet Lois Lane is reflecting about the story she had just written about Missy Conrad. Jamie Gillis and Mark Spencer finally get together. At the end Jimmy Olsen and Lois are in Perry White’s office discussing the situation of the mystery stories that have been left on his, and Lois’s desk; you know the ones that keep coming true. Olsen takes a glance at the story that was left on Perry’s desk. Jimmy Olsen explains to Lois and Perry that he knows who is writing the stories, Lois and Perry impatiently ask Jimmy, “WHO?” To which Jimmy replies, “Me!”

Continued in the next Supergirl comic, in Lois Lane, “Brian Drain.”

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