duo_forbidden's Supergirl #4 - Escape review

Kara hath no fury.

Synopsis: Kara has had enough.

What's Good?

Kara is pissed. Humans really haven't been the greatest host to Kara. They attacked her with mechs, took her spacepod, took her sunstone, attacked her with a brain like creature, and now they took her clothes while leaving her in a tube in a room in pain with Kryptonite. Thanks a lot Simon Tycho for making us look bad.

However, Kara learns that humanity isn't all bad as a nobody from the first issue who only goes by the name Jacobs, rescues her. But that what makes things unique, and the logic that not everyone is bad comes to play. Still, that doesn't mean that she'll easily overlook the way she's been treated. She has no regrets on hurting people whether it's in self-defense or not in his issue. She continues to get a handle on her new powers quickly. But at the end of the issue, we go back to square one. Kara is still lost trying to figure out her next choice of action.

Meanwhile, Simon Tycho is still an arrogant bastard and doesn't seem to be changing that fact anytime soon despite what happens to him in this issue.

Mahmud Asrar continues to do a fantastic job with the artwork. There's some great fluid moments throughout like Kara fighting her way in the space station or sitting on a cloud in a moment of peace. The colors still look vivid.

What's Bad?

At this point of time, I'm surprised Superman hasn't reappeared again. You'd think he would show up to try to console Kara, but I guess he has faith that Kara will come to him first.


From here on out, anything goes, but judging by the summary of the next issue, she's somehow returning home? Either way, this reboot of Supergirl has been impressive so far.

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