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Supergirl continues her manhunt for Reactron, determined to bring him to justice for the heinous crimes he committed in “New Krypton”! Meanwhile, Lois Lane and Inspector Mike Henderson investigate the appearance of a dead body in Metropolis Harbor. Whose body is it and what could it have to do with the new Woman of Steel? Find out as the big mystery of 2009 continues!Superwoman faces Reactron in the apartment of his girlfriend's apartment. He's surprised that his gold Kryptonite blast didn't affect her and questions whether she's even Kryptonian. She prevents him from killing his girlfriend and mentions she had two orders. The first was to retrieve Reactron. The second was to make his girlfriend's death look accidental. She pulls to stove off the wall to expose the gas line. Grabs Reactron and flies out. She turns back and uses her heat vision to cause the apartment to blow up.

Supergirl is talking to Lana. She is trying to track down Reactron's girlfriend and arrives at her apartment too late. Lana tells her to get away before anyone sees her. Supergirl assures her that no one has but a flying camera has spotted her.

Kara talks to her mother via a Kryptonian crystal. She is disappointed in her and tells her she is a failure. She will give her one more chance, bring Reactron to New Krypton otherwise she is useless to her. Smashing the crystal, Lana tries to comfort her. Kara asks why couldn't her mother have died instead of her father?

Superwoman tells Reactron that he's going to accompany her to get Supergirl. Supergirl visits Inspector Mike Henderson. She asks him about Agent Liberty. Henderson tells her they were able to retrieve the final image in his mind before he was killed. He shows her an image of Superwoman. Major Lucy Lane arrives and asks Supergirl who Superwoman is and why was she seen carrying Reactron. Upon hearing that Superwoman is working with him, she is determined to put a stop to them both.

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