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This is a self-contained story where Empress is blackmailed into using magic to turn Supergirl a puppet of mass destruction.
Gotta say the story on this was sucked... bad.  For one thing, the main villain seemed to lack proper motivation.  Everything in this issue seemed to be rushed.  And Supergirl is still dwelling on the dead kid.  Yeah, it was sad and it sucked, but she really needs to move on.  That was the last story arc and now we need to move on into a new one.  Part of me is glad that they're not ignoring it and the effects it had on her character, but dwelling on it too much can be a bad thing as well.  Oh, and Empress' intro was the epitome of anti-climactic.
The art while not completely atrocious was lacking refinement in certain places.  I also hated how Ron Randal seemed to put his own teaks on Supergirl's costume; taking the trim of the cuffs and making them a solid around her whole wrist, an extra thick trim around her neckline.  It's ok to do these types of things sometimes, but in this instance it was distracting from the already bad story.
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