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Kara is told by Superman that Tommy is dead.  She refuses to accept that.  When she finds out he's only been dead for a few minutes, she zooms to the hospital with Resurrection Man, saying there isn't much time.  When Superman catches up and asks what her plan is, she says she wants to inject Tommy with some of Resurreciton Man's blood.  He tells her that it may not work.  The hooker that he used his blood on now has a flaming skull.  Superman tells Kara it could turn him into a monster, he might not be human anymore.  She tells him that they aren't human either.  Finally Superman agrees that if the parents are okay with the idea, they will try it.

When Superman tries explaining the idea, Tommy's father starts going off on him.  Kara decides to take the mom to her special thinking place on the side of a mountain.  She tells her her story on Krypton.  About the planet's destruction and her parents building a spaceship.  They had no idea what would happen to their daughter on Earth.  Rather than let her die on Krypton, they took a chance.

Arriving back at the hospital, the mom decides to inject Tommy.  The nano-machines start working on the blood cells but it appears they are too late.  Tommy's mom bursts into tears but Kara is surprised that he's still dead.







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