mask_of_tengu's Supergirl #22 - Reunion, Part 2 (of 2) review

Deep Thoughts.

I think Supergirl is going to die again. That sux...this is my fave Supergirl...I just have a feeling. This is based on me looking at the Countdown teaser one with the heroes...I think the clue is Wonder Woman holding Superman as he cries. I may be reaching, but they pulled a lot out of their asses with the clues in these I am just stating it now...DONT kill Kara...she rocks. And finally Supergirl is done right...just like Bart Allen Flash...oh wait they killed him too a few months back...that sux.

Anyways another Countdown tie in...this one dealing with Karate Kid and Una with Supergirl against Equus. Equus kinda sux as a villain...he was ok here...but over in Countdown he is BORING. This brings Supergirl with the Teen Titans and Supergirl finally having a chat with Superman...joining the Teen Titans was a good move.

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