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Shock Value

Supergirl happened to be one of the titles I almost missed thanks to a shorted order at my local store. I had to pay $10 just to get my hands on a first printing of the first issue, but since that misfortune I made sure I would get the second issue. Supergirl #2 continues in with telling the origin of Kara Zor-el, but really there is nothing different. The biggest difference is that right off Kara goes on the offensive when Kal arrives and says that she is his cousin. The entire issue consists of a brawl between the two cousins and Kara continually coming under shock from the new powers she is obtaining.

I am interested in seeing what DC’s plans are with the rebooted Kara, because it seems like Kara might have a much harder time adapting to her new setting than Kal. Kara must face the new earth, the destruction of her home world, and her family gone save one stranger who claims to be her baby cousin. Unlike Kal she was not brought up on earth, so taking this in is going to be extremely hard for her and seeing her reaction will be interesting in the issues to come. Though I enjoyed Supergirl #2, I feel that all that was covered in this issue could have been covered in the first, but the more essential information occurred in this issue as opposed to the first. In saying that we are still in the origin factor of Kara’s story and it is still too early to really tell where Michael Green will take the character and if it will be good, but despite the slow pacing of the story it is still worth a quick glance.

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