haydenclaireheroes's Supergirl #2 - Reunion review

Supergirl meets Superman

This is a review of Supergirl issue 2. The story is about Supergirl meeting Superman and being very confused of the new envioment she is in that is called earth.


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    A change of pace 0

    The Supergirl series is redoing the intro arc of Supergirl as shown in the Superman/Batman comic demostrated Supergirl's return to canon after years of being totally wiped from main canon.In it, Supergirl accepted the fact she was on a new planet and her cousin was no long a baby quite readily....First time flyingThis time, however....she goes and punches him, calls him an impostor, and pretty much punches here way across central Asia until she calms down and explains.I'd call that an improvemen...

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    Well, that's one way to treat your family. 0

    Synopsis: Supergirl meets her cousin Kal-El and it's not a pretty family reunion. What's Good? As you can pretty much guess from the cover, Kara starts a fight with her cousin. And who could blame her?   She crash landed on an unknown world when three days ago (for her) she was babysitting her baby cousin! Next thing she knows, giant robots are attacking her, and she's developing unexplained  abilities. Now, a guy wearing her family crest claims that she's her cousin. That's where all those mix...

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