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I'm Kal-el! *Fist to the Face* 0

Where the last issue was perfect in my opinion, this issue retread and simply went on with Kara's denial way too long and it seemed forced. Where the last issue had Kara being a character who looked out and saw a world full of wonder and her thoughts let us sympathize with her... this issue Kara is not as sympathetic and her prolonged forced anger only forces this further off the mark. That along with the lack of tears in the eyes of Kara due to she being fairly smart and she must have realized ...

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Somewhere in between 0

I have never been a fan of the character and I have only read some stuff to do with Kara here and there, but I can say that after the first two issues of this series that I am hooked.  The most interesting aspect is that this series is being told from the absolute origin of the character.  Her life basically ended on Krypton and then started up again on Earth.  With the ongoing confrontation (or it could be called a fist fight) with Superman it is ignoring this aspect of her character but there ...

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Decompression Still in Full Effect 0

Even though things are still nice and slow in this issue, we get intimations that the next one will be at a bit of a more normal pace . I absolutely love the beginning of the issue, which starts off as a flashback on Krypton. We get a bit of Kryptonian lore as well as the reason for the fight. (The cover is not a lie)I think the writing continued to do this retelling of Supergirl well. She reacted as she should have to this dude claiming to be Kal-El. The biggest question is where we go from her...

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Another Fun Brawl 0

I'd be perfectly happy if Supergirl continued trucking right along in the vein of its first two issues; that is, with Kara just randomly getting into a brawl with a new opponent each month. That's not exactly conducive to great plot or character development, but so far this series has been incredibly fun, and I really hope it keeps its momentum up.This month, Kara takes on Superman, who unlike the mechs she faced off against in the first issue, actually provides her with a bit of a challenge. Of...

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Beautiful Fight, Beautiful Skies, Beautiful Plot 0

The Good: Normally I'm not a fan of the 'standard action shot' covers, but this one's pretty nice actually. The light blue of the sky is gorgeous and quite eye catching, and all the objects are balanced out pretty well, Superman taking up the bulk of the image due to being at a disadvantage to the main character, who, despite being smaller and lower on the cover, is still quite obviously the most potent figure here, as well as weirdly being the focal point. The logo brings the final balance to e...

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Supergirl meets Superman 0

This is a review of Supergirl issue 2. The story is about Supergirl meeting Superman and being very confused of the new envioment she is in that is called earth....

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Shock Value 0

Supergirl happened to be one of the titles I almost missed thanks to a shorted order at my local store. I had to pay $10 just to get my hands on a first printing of the first issue, but since that misfortune I made sure I would get the second issue. Supergirl #2 continues in with telling the origin of Kara Zor-el, but really there is nothing different. The biggest difference is that right off Kara goes on the offensive when Kal arrives and says that she is his cousin. The entire issue consists o...

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This Is More Like It! 0

The first issue of Supergirl left a lot to be desired - both the art and the story were a bit uneven. But I'm happy to say this is not the case with this one.  Last issue, Kara Zor-El arrived on Earth only to be beset upon by a bunch of nameless power armor guys. At the end of the issue, her cousin, Kal shows up. And that sets the stage for this issue... apparently this version of Kara is quite the hothead, and she's not going to let the only other Kryptonian in the vicinity talk sense to her. T...

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Well, that's one way to treat your family. 0

Synopsis: Supergirl meets her cousin Kal-El and it's not a pretty family reunion. What's Good? As you can pretty much guess from the cover, Kara starts a fight with her cousin. And who could blame her?   She crash landed on an unknown world when three days ago (for her) she was babysitting her baby cousin! Next thing she knows, giant robots are attacking her, and she's developing unexplained  abilities. Now, a guy wearing her family crest claims that she's her cousin. That's where all those mix...

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A change of pace 0

The Supergirl series is redoing the intro arc of Supergirl as shown in the Superman/Batman comic demostrated Supergirl's return to canon after years of being totally wiped from main canon.In it, Supergirl accepted the fact she was on a new planet and her cousin was no long a baby quite readily....First time flyingThis time, however....she goes and punches him, calls him an impostor, and pretty much punches here way across central Asia until she calms down and explains.I'd call that an improvemen...

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