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Supergirl continues her battle with Psi, a girl with powerful abilities who has been brainwashed into believing that Chicago must die, and also deals with her new friends where she is rooming in "Crisis Over Chicago."

We continue from the last issue with the battle between Supergirl and Psi. With an unconscious Supergirl Psi begins to terrorize the Chicagoans.

Psi is using the strength of Supergirl to increase her own powers; mentally, she is also being negatively influenced by Mr. Pendergast who keeps reminding Psi of her mission to destroy the Decay of Chicago. Psi is expressing to Mr. Pendergast that she can feel the agony that she is inflicting upon Supergirl, and Mr. Pendergast tells her to ignore it.

Supergirl begins to regain consciousness. Through much pain she tries to turn her head to see the destruction that Psi is inflicting upon the city of Chicago. Supergirl then begins to fight Psi to regain the control of her own body. Mentally Mr. Pendergast tells the Girl of Steel that her fight is useless. Through much pain and agony Supergirl regains total control over her body. Still in great pain Supergirl’s body really wants to take a break, but mentally she pushes herself forward realizing that she must save Chicago and prevent Psi from destroying it. Mr. Pendergast is surprised that Supergirl got free, and Psi tells Mr. Pendergast that she is sorry for not being able to hold her.

Supergirl and Psi engage in a very brief conversation. Supergirl wants to know what is going on with Psi, and Psi tells Supergirl that she must destroy the Decay before it rots the world. Supergirl explains to Psi that destroying Chicago is far from saving the world. Psi begins to understand that what she is doing is wrong, but Mr. Pendergast intervenes and convinces Psi to keep fighting Supergirl.

Supergirl and Psi commence in exchanging blows, as the battle between the two continues. As the battle continues Psi begins to fight Mr. Pendergast’s psychic hold. Psi stops fighting Supergirl, and lets out a loud wail; a bright light bursts on the scene. Once the bright light clears Supergirl notices that Psi is now gone.

Supergirl changes back into Linda Danvers and goes back to her apartment to relax. Her neighbors Joan Raymond, Johnny Ostrander, and a couple of others surprise Linda as she walks into her apartment to discover the four of them working hard to put Linda’s apartment together. After it is finished the four of them leave Linda’s apartment. Linda takes off the brown wig she is wearing and lets her natural blonde hair fall down. Supergirl then plops herself down upon her bed and falls fast asleep.

Back at the fancy hotel, Mr. Pendergast is telling Gayle, aka Psi, how worthless she is. With a tear running down Psi’s face, she tells Mr. Pendergast that the Decay must be stopped, but not at the risk of destroying all of the city of Chicago. Mr. Pendergast continues to rail on Psi. Psi lies down on a couch and covers her ears with her hands to try and block out what Mr. Pendergast is telling her.

Mr. Pendergast tells Psi that she has worn out her usefulness and pulls out a gun. Furious that Mr. Pendergast would pull a gun out on her, she turns the full force of her psychic abilities on to him. Her psychic abilities now on full blast direct at Mr. Pendergast, Mr. Pendergast begins to change. He begins to change into a large brown blob and exclaims, “I can feel it now…such might now that DECAY LIVES!”

Continued in Supergirl #3

A Lois Lane Short “The Bogie-Man Will Getcha.”

It is 9:15 pm and Lois Lane meets a mysterious figure outside of a theater. She begins to talk with this mysterious figure, but is interrupted by him. He tells Lois Lane that he and she are being watched. He tells her to meet him inside of the theater in two minutes so as not to make a scene for the people who are watching them.

Lois waits two minutes and meets the strange figure inside the theater. She asks the strange figure, “what’s up?” All of a sudden the figure took off a mask and hat only to reveal that it is Lois Lane’s friend Mark Spencer; Lois makes reference that she recognizes Mark Spencer’s disguise from, “The Spy Who Came in From the Cold.” It also seems that Lois knew who the strange figure was the whole time.

Lois and Mark Spencer proceed to go into the theater to watch the movie “Casablanca” with a bunch of Humphrey Bogart movie buffs. As Mark and Lois walk out of the theater after the end of “Casablanca,” a beautiful women catches Mark’s gaze. He goes to talk to her by quoting from Bogart movies, the women coldly rejects Mark and walks away. Lois tries to cheer him up by telling him that there will be other girls. Lois and Mark walk away from the theater quoting from Bogart movies.

The next morning at the Daily Planet Lois is talking to co-worker Jamie Gillis about Mark’s girl trouble, she tries to convince Gillis to go for Mark, but Jamie tells Lois that it would never work out.

Lois notices a story on her desk that she did not write. She tells Perry White that someone put a really good story on her desk and tells him that it should be used. Perry tells Lois, “That if we can’t confirm a story, it’s dead.”

We are now taken to a scene at a TV Studio where the famous teenage model Missy Conrad is being prepped for a photo shoot. However, Missy Conrad is in a sarcastic, irked mood. After a day’s worth of successful photo shoots, a man goes over to Missy and tells her that she was great and tells her that she is his girl, to which she replies, “I’m not your girl.” The man is annoyed at her reaction, Missy slams her door shut. The man is told by Missy’s Mother, “She’s a million dollar property, Sid. You gotta forgive her!” Sid is shocked by what Missy’s Mother said, and asks her if she even loves her daughter. Missy’s Mother responds by saying that you can love anything with a large amount of money attached to it. It seems that Missy was able to overhear the conversation on the other side of the door, and cries when she hears what her Mother said.

Missy and her Mother go outside to leave the studio. Outside there is a small group of boys waiting to catch a peep at the young model. Missy’s Mother encourages her to socialize with the young teenage boys, but Missy rejects this. Her Mother is annoyed and tells her that the boys only want a couple of pictures. An argument ensues, and Missy accuses her Mother of treating her like a piece of merchandise, and tells her Mother that she just wants to be 14 years old. During this argument there is a mysterious figure observing the argument.

It is now the next day and we are with Lois and Jamie in the Galaxy Cafeteria. Lois is again teasing Jamie to go for Mark. Mark approaches their table. Lois then notices something shocking in the paper. She tells Jamie and Mark standing next to her that the story that was left on her desk the previous day has all come true.

This Lois Lane short will continue in Supergirl No. 3

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