pspin's Supergirl #16 - Fast and Faster review

Supergirl #16 Review

Supergirl #16 Review


H’el on Earth continues as Kara takes on the Flash.

The Good:

The story is good considering the last two H’el on Earth stories in Superboy even if it doesn’t quite live up to the series previous high points. The issue starts off with some backstory to H’el’s arrival on Earth and how cosmic forces have been watching since he got there before shifting to the fight. Seeing Flash here makes up for a random plot hole in Superboy 16, which is good and overall the fight is a good one, especially in the beginning and middle stages. The beginning is good, with neither gaining a real advantage; while seeing them sort of team up in the middle is nice too and shows that both have a sense of heroics. The end however, is a little weak but needed for the overall story so it is forgivable.

Mike Johnson does a great job writing the issue once again. A major plus is that for the most part, he leaves the science-type dialogue advanced instead of watering it down for the reader, which is good, and even though there is a lot of dialogue, for the most part it is enough to explain what is happening without getting wordy. There is also a bit of humor as well.

Mahmud Asrar draws a great issue and while there are excellent single panels, some of it gets a little crazy.

Also Krypto is alive!

The Bad:

The dialogue at the end of the fight, when Flash is wearing the armor is a bit much but not terrible. Also the end of the fight is a bit lame. Without revealing too much, the Flash loses, the way that he loses though, is a bit weak. For the overall story, it makes sense, but something else would have been nice.

As much as I love the art, and believe me, I love it; it is not the best fit for the fight. Maybe it is because of the excellent way that the Flash is drawn in his own series; here Asrar appears to imitate the panel layout for the fight and it doesn’t quite fit and is a little confusing. This is a little nit-picky of me but oh well.


Despite a slightly weak ending and a few places of confusing art this is a fun issue and is a highpoint for the roller coaster crossover that is H’el on Earth. It was nice to see Kara fight someone that wasn’t Superman or an original villain and seeing her struggle was also nice. The end leaves quite the cliffhanger as well.

4 out of 5

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