razzatazz's Supergirl #15 - Into Kandor review

He kissed me

As someone that is trying to not get wrapped up in the entire H’el story arc, I am only getting half of the story by only reading Supergirl, but from what this issue offers, at least it operates well enough as a standalone issue.  This is accomplished primarily by the role of the character development which Kara undergoes.  Instead of throwing itself into the plot, the time is taken here to fir in the developments with everything else which has transpired thus far in the series as far as it relates to Kara.  Once inside Kandor, the action picks up as well as the plot developments, but again this is tied well enough into the previous characterization.  The issue ends with a bit of an unexpected twist, but bodes well for what may follow.  It feels like a fairly compact issue and reads easily enough, and there is even enough here for the fans of the series that are not fans of the other Super-books.


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