pspin's Supergirl #15 - Into Kandor review

Supergirl #15 Review

Supergirl #15 Review


H’el moves his plans forward with the aid of Supergirl.

The Good:

The story once again has a great balance of plot development for H’el on Earth and for Kara’s story as well. Seeing Kara help H’el, one would really see that she has good intentions to want to help (and that she is being manipulated.) One of the best things about the series is that it is really fleshing out Kara’s life on Krypton in a way that hasn’t been done much before, at least to my knowledge, and it makes Kara seem so much more human that it really makes you feel for her when she is in Kandor. Another major plus for the story is that H’el gets some backstory and becomes a much more three dimensional character.

Mike Johnson once again nails it. This is probably the best issue of H’el on Earth yet and a great issue of Supergirl even though it is a crossover. He does a great job at characterizing Kara as a teenage girl who just wants to see her family and friends again.

Mahmud Asrar once again does a great job with the art. It is as simple as that.

The Bad:

The biggest problem here is the sense of dramatic irony, when the reader knows something that the character does not; this is because we all know that H’el is manipulating Kara and by the end of the issue it is pretty obvious and while Kara’s emotional turmoil is probably clouding her judgment, there are a few “Really!?” moments between them.

There are a few awkward poses with the art but nothing major.


While not perfect, this is a great issue of Supergirl, and probably the best of the H’el on Earth crossover yet. This issue packs in a lot, some of Kara’s history on Krypton, some plot development, and some character development but it never feels overwhelming and is paced well. Overall Johnson and Asrar do it again, delivering a fun and entertaining issue that fans of the series have come to enjoy.

4.5 (4.7) out of 5


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