pspin's Supergirl #12 - Inheritance review

Supergirl #12 Review

Supergirl #12 Review


Supergirl meets up with Superman before going deep sea diving.

The Good:

The story is pretty good, particularly the opening scene with Superman where they talk about the differences between them and how even though they are family, neither of them trust each other completely; Kara because she doesn’t really know if they are really family, and Clark because he feels she is not careful with her powers. This dynamic is something that is really interesting because before the New 52, almost all readers just knew that they liked each other and opens a lot of possible stories and cool fights.

The writing by Michael Green and Mike Johnson is really good. Nearly everything that happens is reasonable for the characters and the way that Kara’s thoughts take after she leaves the Fortress of Solitude is really interesting and, for lack of a better term, human.

Mahmud Asrar’s art is once again great he little details that he puts in help bring the art to life, like the bubbles that form when Kara uses her laser vision under water and the underwater backgrounds.

The Bad:

When she is under water, Kara goes from holding her breath to not needing to breathe after taking in a lung full of water and mentions that she doesn’t need to eat or sleep as well. The lack of sleep is understandable but I don’t get the food or breathing, while this isn’t a major detraction, it caused me to reread it and was confusing; maybe it will be explained later.

Two things about the art stuck out. One: Superman looked weird in this issue. It was mostly the hair but he still looked off, but I have not been reading his series so maybe that is how he normally looks but it was odd to look at.

The second was that Superman was drawn with considerable muscle definition and Kara was not. I am not saying that she should look like a body builder but last issue she was consistently drawn with muscles. Since she and Superman are both Kryptonian, they should have similar physiologies and similar musculature this was an annoying development because when Kara was more muscular it gave her a slightly more unique look and now it is gone. This is not a major detraction but it is annoying none the less.


Overall a great issue with only a few trip ups here and there but the story is looking to be a good one, especially the final reveal. The creative team of Green, Johnson, and Asrar consistently deliver one of the best books in the New 52 and any fan of the series will enjoy this issue and it is also a decent place for new readers to join in.

4 out of 5

P.S. Kryptonopolis is the funniest city name ever.

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