Supergirl #12

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The Good

As great as it's been for Supergirl to get a chance to explore the world on her own, it makes more sense for Superman to be involved in getting her acclimated. She may be older than he is but due to her being in suspended animation and his time and experience on Earth, it's up to him to try to explain everything to her. Of course with her being mentally younger and more powerful, it's going to be harder for Superman to try to reason with her.

There is a bit of mystery still surrounding Supergirl. This is fascinating and should be played on to further develop her and make her even more interesting. The explanation for why she is more powerful was great and seeing Superman try to accept this is fun.

The art by Mahmud Asrar is fitting for Supergirl. His style suits her character and it's always a joy seeing the different expressions he draws depending on her situation.

The Bad

We need a major sit down between Superman and Supergirl. The fact that she still doesn't fully trust him needs to be dealt with. It's an interesting read but I keep trying to ignore the previous relationship they had when Supergirl was reintroduced in 2006's*** SUPERMAN/BATMAN issues. I'm don't want to dwell on the differences but I'd like to see this resolved at some point.

I do enjoy Asrar's art but his interpretation of Superman seemed different from others. This is a problem in the New 52. We're seeing many different interpretations by different artists (and I'm not referring to his younger look in ACTION COMICS). Between here, JUSTICE LEAGUE, SWAMP THING and of course SUPERMAN, it's sometimes hard to determine how old/young he's supposed to be.

The character that pops up at the end made me scream out, "Nooooooooooo!" Or at least I did to myself in my mind. I'm really not a fan of this character. There is the opportunity to change things since the last time I saw this character but I'm really not looking forward to the next appearance.

The Verdict

We're finally seeing more interaction between Supergirl and Superman. From the way they met, it's not going to be the smoothest of relationships, at least not yet. This is something I'd like to see explored further as it is Superman's responsibility in some ways. We are getting some answers about Supergirl as well as some interesting new questions (which apparently will be addressed in next month's issue #0). I'm really digging the art on SUPERGIRL but Superman feels like he's being drawn different by all the different artists that have depicted him since the New 52 started. There's the 'return' of a certain character at the end that some may enjoy but I'm simply not a fan of this character. There's plenty to see here and this issue reminded me why I enjoy the idea of having Supergirl in current continuity.


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