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The Last Daughter Of Krypton Isn't That Friendly!

Supergirl is unpredictable teenager with emotions that a typical teenage girl would have, but instead of taking a walk, she could level an entire mountain! Having all the same powers of her cousin Superman doesn't mean she shares his control of ability. Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson with artwork by Mahmud Asrar and Dan Green.

The Good

With the birth of New 52, writers have the chance to get their hands on some of DC Comics' most beloved and iconic characters to re-tell stories that will grab new readers into comics. The story of Supergirl in the New 52 has changed a bit. While change is sometimes hated by comic readers, Michael and Mike do a fantastic job on this first issue. Supergirl awakens in Siberia to find out that she isn't on Krypton and that she has strange abilities, not fully knowing where or how she got on Earth. Michael and Mike do such a great job with this first issue because of how they throw all of Supergirl's normal abilities at her, without dedicated followers of DC Comics having to wait issue by issue for her to get (i.e.) flight, heat vision etc. The two Mikes (Michael and Mike) tell a good story about what it would be like for someone like Supergirl coming as a teenager to Earth and how her powers are not controllable at this state, but it was good to see what they offered to Supergirl's character and how they portray her.

The artwork by Asrar and Green was incredible their work on this first issue makes Supergirl not seem that goofy in the new outfit, as well as making a really great interior comic book art.

The Bad

The only problem I had with this issue was the multiple ads that were coming up after each page and almost how predictable the first story was. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it, but through the way that Michael and Mike were telling the story you knew from just reading that Superman would end up coming to calm Supergirl's mind by talking in Kryptonian.

The Verdict

If you are a new reader and never knew when to join in on reading DC Comics, now is a perfect time! With new stories be created by writers and illustrated by awesome artist, this is an ideal time to be a comic book fan! Pick this up if you are new to comics, or just want to see if New 52 is right for you. 4.5 out of 5.

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