halfshellhero's Supergirl #1 - Last Daughter of Krypton review

Reboot, reset, what?

When I heard that DC was coming out with the New 52 and all of their titles were going back to issue 1, I assumed that everything would be rebooted and everyone would get new origins. I was told that was not the case. It was just being reworked for newer readers and the issue number was being reset. But why does Superman have a different power set? It seems that I can just forget about the last 70+ years of DC Comics, but not. This relates to this particular issue because the whole time I was confused why Supergirl didn't recognize anything like she had been mindwiped.

Now for the actual issue itself, it was actually a good read. The artwork and writing made it a good experience, and like all the other New 52 titles, there are mysteries abound as the issue ends. I am not really a fan of the new costume as it doesn't feel like a Supergirl costume. It does look more Kryptonian, but as Superman's costume redesign looks sleek, her costume looks clunky on her. Still, I am interested in the story and what happens in the next issue.

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