duo_forbidden's Supergirl #1 - Last Daughter of Krypton review

A new beginning for Kara

Synopsis: Supergirl arrives on Earth.

What's Good?

When I heard that Supergirl was starting over, I was disappointed. I find Jeph Leob's origin story in Superman/Batman my favorite. It made way for another Supergirl series, that really shaped Kara into adapting to Earth and learning how to be a superhero. So, I'm guessing that Michael Green and Mike Johnson is trying to recreate that idea only this time, it's under the new DC universe.

But here's the thing: Supergirl is one of the rare few comics from the 52 lineup that actually have a background or starting point for new readers to get into, and it was very accessible to get into this issue. Kara is someone who is far away from home who crashes on some unknown planet confused, and frightened. That's understandable. To make things worse, she's attacked by mechsuits, can't speak English, and learning about her abilities. (Also, great nod to the other 52 comic books when Kara inadvertently uses her superhearing). It's a simple setup and that's why it makes it accessible for new readers.

I really like the artwork for this issue, though I'm still not fond of Kara's costume even if it's not for sexual appeal, but I think it will grow on me.

What's Bad?

In a certain point of view, there's nothing wrong with this issue for new readers, the real problem for fans of Supergirl may see where the story could be headed.

Overall: It's a nice start for this series.

Posted by B'Town

I'm excited to get my book. I know Kara will be different but most everyone is happy with it so far... My great hope is that it will still be one of my truly FUN books.

Thanks your for the review, you've been busy today. :D

Posted by Duo_forbidden

So far, it shows promise. I think she might have the same personality that the old Kara had, but it might take some time before that happens.

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