crimsonavenger's Supergirl #1 - Last Daughter of Krypton review

Not exactly the Supergirl I know but still pretty good

Good idea or Bad Idea?

Supergirl may be a very controversial title because of the drastic change in her look, personality, and history. No longer is Kara Zor-El like we knew she was. This is a different Supergirl and while I'm not sure why DC had to change Supergirl so drastically, I do quite like this new one.

This issue gives a brand new origin for Supergirl. It's not quite as good as the one Jeph Loeb wrote for her in Superman/Batman: Supergirl but it is nonetheless an interesting way to reintroduce Supergirl. The story is that Supergirl crash lands in Smallville but wakes up thinking it's a dream and is soon found by a pile of Mechs who attempt to capture her. Kara still thinks it's a dream and actually fights the Mechs with her new found powers, though she is still convinced that she's dreaming. Though even with her powers, she can't defeat the Mechs until Superman arrives who stops the mechs.

Michael Green and Mike Johnson's way of redoing Supergirl is very odd and while I'm not fully convinced it will work, I'm still optimistic about it. They take Supergirl and sort of make her nothing but a lonely girl convinced she's dreaming in order to rule out the possibility that she's been sent to some strange planet by her parents. A lot of people are very angry about the decision to change Supergirl very drastically and while I don't really think it was a brilliant idea to do so, I nonetheless am going to try and remain optimistic about these changes.

This is another title with very good art, this time by Mahmud Asrar. Colorist Dave McCaig appears to actually have used some watercolor paints on this book. Watercolors seem to becoming popular in comics as artists seems to using them more often now. I could totally be wrong about the usage of them in this book but that's just what appeared to have. The controversial change in Supergirl's costume Asrar is something I'm still not sure about. I liked the way how Supergirl previously looked and making this Supergirl so it's kind of hard to see her change so drastically.

A lot of people are bound to not like this at all because many held onto how Supergirl previously looked and was so her changing drastically is not exactly a very popular idea. I liked this issue quite a bit. This new Kara is different and I like seeing things change every now and then. Obviously not everybody liked this but I did.


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