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Kara Crashes 0

Supergirl is important to me. Not only was she created under the direction of my boy, Mort Weisinger, but reading a reprint of her first appearance as a kid was my introduction to Silver Age Superman stories. I was thrilled when they brought Kara back to continuity in the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse storyline. So I may be too close to this character when I say that the first issue of her new series was a bit of a letdown. The issue was a reintroduction to her character. We watch her crash land o...

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Al pacino 0


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Simple introduction issue that does all it needed to do. 0

"Supergirl" #1 is a New 52 book that I almost left off my pull list. I decided to grab it at the last second and I'm glad I did. As far as DC New 52 introduction issues go, "Supergirl" #1 doesn't get caught up in overwrought exposition nor does it trip over itself with contrived dialogue meant to explain the history and setting. In fact it uses one of the simplest yet most effective ways to introduce us to Kara. "Supergirl" #1 is an introduction wrapped up in an action issue.   Writers Michael ...

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First Mainstream book you HAVE to pick up 0

I think the title of this review says it all. Yeah i don't like the new costume and I loved all the supergirl stuff that happened before, but never read the books (i will eventually), so you'd think I'd be all ragey, but no. This book does everything right. The art is beautiful and captures the feelings of Kara perfectly and the things going through her mind I have a feeling that those are pretty much the same thoughts we'd all be thinking...same with the way she acts.But it doesn't just do ever...

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The Yin to Superboy's Yang 0

The Good: I really like this cover. It's a pretty standard 'issue 1' kind of cover, but it does a little tiny more to distinguish itself. Plus I love just about everything about Supergirl's new costume. From the awesome funky cape to the weird awesome 'knee hole' boots. The art in this book is very pretty. The style is quite cartoony without being childish, and then its given a bit of a watercolor polish. It doesn't explain a lot, but it uses this style to its advantage. Supergirl crashes down t...

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Even Catwoman and Starfire Have the Decency to Cover Their Knees. 0

Completely rebooting its title character, Supergirl's first issue is a good one but suffers from how it honestly doesn't offer much substance. Readers once again revisit Kara Zor-El crashing on Earth and... that is it. The moment of her awakening on Earth is handled well, but that moment is unfortunately decompressed to comprise the entire first issue.Given years of inconsistent writing, I can hardly blame DC for going back to scratch with Supergirl. There was very little history to the previous...

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A Fun New Beginning 0

DC apparently doesn't want to bog down their New 52 first issues with a lot of origin stories, and that works to the advantage of Supergirl #1. This is essentially an origin story (or at least the first part of one) and it works as well as it does precisely because it's just what the rest of the New 52 has been avoiding.That's part backhanded compliment, part honest praise. Supergirl's origin, despite traditionally being just a reworking of Superman's own, has potential. Some of that potential i...

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Why Superman is not "Super" when others are "Super" as well. 0

One of the problems with the "Superman family" books is that the connection to Superman is what makes then become shadows to the main book.  Superboy in some ways breaks out of it, since he is part "Luthor", but Supergirl is just a female Superman.  My Project 500 was a community relay review where we reviewed Crisis on Infinite Earths and the series was important because it cleaned house.  Superman was Special again since he was the only "Super" anything and the Flash was not Barry Allan anymor...

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Not exactly the Supergirl I know but still pretty good 0

Good idea or Bad Idea?Supergirl may be a very controversial title because of the drastic change in her look, personality, and history. No longer is Kara Zor-El like we knew she was. This is a different Supergirl and while I'm not sure why DC had to change Supergirl so drastically, I do quite like this new one.This issue gives a brand new origin for Supergirl. It's not quite as good as the one Jeph Loeb wrote for her in Superman/Batman: Supergirl but it is nonetheless an interesting way to reintr...

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A new beginning for Kara 0

Synopsis: Supergirl arrives on Earth.What's Good?When I heard that Supergirl was starting over, I was disappointed. I find Jeph Leob's origin story in Superman/Batman my favorite. It made way for another Supergirl series, that really shaped Kara into adapting to Earth and learning how to be a superhero. So, I'm guessing that Michael Green and Mike Johnson is trying to recreate that idea only this time, it's under the new DC universe.But here's the thing: Supergirl is one of the rare few comics f...

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Action Girls Rock! 0

I thought this book had the perfect tone - confused action.  Supergirl reminded me a lot of River Tam in Serenity.  Whether some of that is subconscious from Summer Glau voicing her in one of the OAVs or not, I think it's pretty valid.  A BAMF lands on a strange planet and is suddenly attacked.  Then the sun comes up and she's got the powers from the Earth's yellow sun.  (Unlike River Tam, this is one of the only new 52 #1s that doesn't feature female nudity)While the issue  was good overall, my...

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A Big Surprise 0

Supergirl was one of those books I was secretly excited for in The New 52. I'm not exactly sure why because I HAVE NEVER read a Supergirl comic before. I suppose I was just attracted by the art, and the previews sold me.Basically, the book starts out with Supergirl falling to Earth and being intercepted after she has landed in Siberia by some giant robot guys. She's confused and overwhelmed by her new powers as the yellow sun hits her and eventually Superman shows up. End of story. Now, this may...

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The Dream Isn't Over 0

I have never been a big fan of the Superman related titles, but I have to say in terms of starting a new series after a reboot that this is absolutely the way to go about it.  There is actually not much to this issue, a lot of is eaten up by an extended battle sequence.  It is the character of Supergirl which shines through magnificently here though.  She wakes up from the alien craft which has fallen to Earth, yet thinks she is still on Krypton.  The exploration of her thought process as she fi...

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Reboot, reset, what? 0

When I heard that DC was coming out with the New 52 and all of their titles were going back to issue 1, I assumed that everything would be rebooted and everyone would get new origins. I was told that was not the case. It was just being reworked for newer readers and the issue number was being reset. But why does Superman have a different power set? It seems that I can just forget about the last 70+ years of DC Comics, but not. This relates to this particular issue because the whole time I was co...

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Skirt Around the Issue 0

Kara Zor-El is not one of my favorite characters. I enjoy it when Superman is the last survivor of Krypton. I found the previous incarnation of Supergirl to be annoying. This issue introduces us to yet another Kara in a long line of Supergirls and this time she seems worth my time.This Kara is capable and intelligent; watching her piece together what's going on from observing her surroundings was very enjoyable. Her costume is a little ridiculous (why armor the top and leave the legs exposed lik...

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Starts bad, ends good, balancing out to... eh. 0

I picked up Supergirl #1 mostly because of the good reviews I read here on Comicvine. Generally I read that she crashed on Earth and that it was an emotionally touching issue where she felt alone in an unfamiliar world. That sounded like a great character driven story that I want to read.What I got was something that started with a number of things that annoyed the hell out of me.Supergirl arrives in(?) as(?) a meteorite in Siberia - but they couldn't have her just crash in Siberia... oh, no... ...

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The Last Daughter Of Krypton Isn't That Friendly! 0

Supergirl is unpredictable teenager with emotions that a typical teenage girl would have, but instead of taking a walk, she could level an entire mountain! Having all the same powers of her cousin Superman doesn't mean she shares his control of ability. Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson with artwork by Mahmud Asrar and Dan Green.The GoodWith the birth of New 52, writers have the chance to get their hands on some of DC Comics' most beloved and iconic characters to re-tell stories that wil...

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Fixing a....problem 0

Perhaps this comic did not delve into a lot of plot. Perhaps it did repeat the Introduce Supergirl thing. Perhaps it did change her personality again. But, you could say it also gave her a bit more.....closure.Unlike Power Girl, perverts look down instead of upLets face it....flying around in a skirt isn't a good idea. So many perverse comments are just waiting about it. However, the more standard super heroine get up she has now makes it so she no longer has that concern.Perhaps this will be a ...

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