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Supergirl, as Linda Danvers, moves to Chicago to begin a new life as a student at Lake Shore University. She gets a new home there and makes new friends and also meets a new villain in "A Very Strange and Special Girl."

The first issue in this Supergirl series opens up to Linda Danvers riding a train to the city of Chicago, she is relaxing and talking to her neighbor Mr. Wainwright. She momentarily steps out on Mr. Wainwright, because she has an emergency that she must answer as Supergirl. Supergirl rushes to thwart a potentially horrible accident at a nearby steel factory. After she saves the day at the factory, she flies back to her seat next to Mr. Wainwright on the train.

She is glad to find out that Mr. Wainwright is fast asleep by the time she gets back from stepping out for a moment. She can now relax with just her and her thoughts about her origination, her parents, her Kryptonian home and its destruction, and her responsibilities as Supergirl. Her mind was occupied by these memories and thoughts as her train finally arrives in Chicago.

We now meet Gayle Marsh and Mr. Pendergast. They are discussing the issues of violence, drugs, and other rotten things that are going on in Chicago nowadays. Mr. Pendergast says that all of these things that are happening are signs of the Decay. Mr. Pendergast tells Gayle that they have seen that the Decay has brought the world to the inevitable brink. Mr. Pendergast tells Gayle that they are lucky to have been able to isolate the Decay to Chicago. Mr. Pendergast’s object for Gayle Marsh is revealed when he expresses that she must destroy the Decay of Chicago. However, Gayle Marsh expresses that she gets so afraid whenever she thinks about her mission.

As Linda Danvers arrives in Chicago, she grabs a taxi to take her to her final destination. Her final destination is her embarkation to her college career at the Lake Shore University.

Her first action is to head for the registration office. In the registration office she meets Joan Raymond, who helps her find a place to live while she goes to school. As she is being pulled by her arm by Joan she accidentally bumps into a mysterious woman. Linda gives her hand out to this mysterious woman in a polite gesture to help her up off the ground. As Linda takes this woman’s hand, a wall of pain hits her. Linda thinks to herself that she felt like the woman was attacking her mind. Joan tells Linda that the girl is Gayle Marsh. Marsh runs away from Linda.

Joan takes Linda to the apartment complex where she lives, in Rogers Park. Here Linda meets the owner of the apartment complex, Mrs. Berkowitz. Mrs. Berkowitz shows Linda the empty apartment on the third floor. Linda really likes the apartment and takes it.

Gayle Marsh is telling Mr. Pendergast what happened when she touched the hand of Linda. She tells him that she sensed great power, and that she could possibly pose a threat to Mr. Pendergast’s plans for Chicago. Mr. Pendergast reveals that Gayle Marsh has extraordinary mental abilities. In response to the threat that Linda might pose, Mr. Pendergast tells Marsh that he is going to go ahead with his plans early. Gayle Marsh expresses that she is afraid, to this Mr. Pendergast tells her not to be.

Linda Danvers begins to sense trouble, and snaps into action as Supergirl. She sees a mysterious figure in the sky above Chicago and flies toward this figure. The figure is Gayle Marsh and she notices Supergirl flying toward her position. Marsh is confused as to why Supergirl would be fighting against her instead of with her, because she is trying to wipe out the evil Decay of Chicago. Marsh concludes that if Supergirl won’t join her to fight the Decay than she must be destroyed as an agent of the Decay. Marsh says that Supergirl will be destroyed by the power of Psi.

Supergirl is hit by a burst of energy from Psi’s mind. Supergirl fights back. Supergirl tells Psi that she has no idea what this Decay is, but she won’t stand being pushed around like that. Psi in turn fights back. The battle between Supergirl and Psi ensues.

It is now revealed in the battle that Mr. Pendergast has some sort of psychic connection with Psi as they begin to have a telepathic conversation. At the same time as Psi and Mr. Pendergast begin to have their telepathic conversation, Psi knocks Supergirl unconscious from her psionic powers and holds her suspended in the air. Psi pleads with Mr. Pendergast to not use her to destroy Supergirl, but that Supergirl can be used to destroy the Decay. Psi explains to Mr. Pendergast that she may be able to use Supergirl’s power to amplify her own abilities to destroy the Decay.

More to be continued in the next issue: Supergirl, "Crisis Over Chicago."

Master of the Universe Preview:

At the beginning we see Zodac flying toward Eternia swiftly upon his flying chair to save the planet.

We are now brought to the court of the Monarch of Eternia where a feast is proceeding. The King is a bit annoyed that Prince Adam has not yet arrived to join them. After the Queen attempts to calm the King, Prince Adam finally reveals himself.

Their happy feast is abruptly interrupted by Zodac, who appears out of thin air flying upon his chair right into the middle of the feast chamber room. He demands the people of Eternia to deliver up their greatest champion so that Zodac may take him away from Eternia, forever. The Guardswoman of the court, Teela, leads a small group of armed men into the court to investigate the commotion. Prince Adam attempts to calm her to no avail. Prince Adam takes action and leaves the feasting room. Grabbing his faithful cat, Cringer, they both leave the castle.

Already transformed into the most powerful man in the universe, He-Man and Battle-Cat Cringer go quickly to the Sorceress to receive advice and instruction as how to handle the Zodac threat. To He-Man’s surprise the Sorceress tells He-Man that he need not worry about Zodac, but that Skeletor is the real threat here and must be stopped. Determined to carry out the Sorceress’s wishes, He-Man and his Battle Cat swiftly jump into action to stop the wicked plans Skeletor has to seek out and take the power sword for his own.

Already with one half of the power sword, Skeletor joined with Beast-Man, summons for Mer-Man at the sea. Mer-Man arrives at Skeletor’s feet at the sea. Skeletor sensing that the deepest depth of the sea possesses the other half of the power sword commands Mer-Man to help him to possess it.

We now go to Metropolis where Superman helps a merchant vessel in need. Superman calls it a day and begins flying home, but is attacked by a massive sea creature that he is unfamiliar with. He successfully fights off the ugly creature. His gaze then turns to three red flaming balls flying quickly in the skies above. Superman thinks that the unfamiliar ugly sea creature and the three flaming balls in the sky are connected somehow. He chases the objects into the sea where a vortex unrelentingly grabs a hold of the Man of Steel and drags him deeper into the depth of the sea.

We now go back to He-Man and Cringer rushing to stop Skeletor. He-Man is then shot off his Battle- Cat by none other than Zodac. Zodac tells He-Man to not worry himself over Skeletor. Zodac tells He-Man to come with him, and then proceeds to warn He-Man that if he stays on Eternia he will die. Faithfull to the wishes of the Sorceress, He-Man is determined to seek out Skeletor. Zodac attempts to block his path, and a fight ensues between both of the mighty warriors. It ends in a stale-mate with Zodac warning He-Man that the battle has just begun.

The reader is directed back to Superman’s struggle to get free of the vortex. He frees himself of the vortex and emerges from the sea and quickly realizes that he isn’t back on Earth anymore. However, Superman quickly notices exactly where he is at, he is at Eternia. (Superman was able to recognize Eternia so quickly because he has been there before in “ DC Presents” #47) Knowing where he is at, Superman immediately speculates that the reason why he is at Eternia is Skeletor’s doing.

Skeletor’s evil plan is now revealed. Skeletor is now in possession of both halves of the power sword. He reveals to his lackeys that it was him who unleashed his ugly sea creature upon Superman so that he could distract the Man of Steel, while he could rob the location on Earth for the other half of the power sword uninterrupted. Skeletor explains to Mer-Man and Beast-Man that he now has to wait for the alignment of the stars to combine the two halves of the sword and then the secrets of Castle Grayskull will then be revealed to him.

Superman flies out of nowhere to grab the two halves of the power swords away from Skeletor. The power swords begin to burn Superman. Skeletor tells Superman that the swords are filled with magic, something that Superman is vulnerable to. One half of the power sword returns to Skeletor’s grasp, the other half Superman throws into the distance. Skeletor is furious over what Superman has done with the other half of the power sword, and tells Superman that he will pay for that.

We notice that neither Zodac nor He-Man have been able to break their stalemate between each other and the battle continues between the two great warriors. All of a sudden He-Man feels something substantial hit him in the back. He-Man turns around to discover that the other half of the power sword has hit him and now lies upon the ground, he picks it up. He recognizes that he must leave the battle field and Zodac and find Skeletor and stop him of his evil plan. Zodac quickly follows He-Man.

He-Man finds Skeletor torturing Superman with the other half of the power sword. He-Man commands Skeletor to cease what he is doing. Skeletor casts a spell toward He-Man; He-Man at the same time hurls the other half of the power sword at Skeletor. The spell crashes into the chest of He-Man and he collapses as if he were dead. The other half of the power sword strikes Skeletor and sticks into his stomach.

Zodac finally arrives on the scene and sees He-Man’s body on the ground and says to himself that he was too late to preserve He-Man’s life. Without warning the other half of the power sword now sticking out of Skeletor’s stomach, its powers begin to consume Skeletor. As the other half of the power sword begins to consume Skeletor, some of its powers begin to flow into He-Man, who is lying unconscious upon the ground. He-Man rises from off of the ground, Zodac begins to cheer that his fears of He-Man dying did not come to pass.

Zodac, He-Man, and Superman celebrate their victory over Skeletor, however, Superman expresses confusion as to the reason for him being in Eternia.

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