johnkmccubbin91's Supercrooks #4 - The Big Finale review

Brilliant Finale

This is a great final issue to a great series. We've had to wait a few months for it but it was well worth it. I am a big fan of Mark Millar and have not been disappointed with most of his work. OK this hasn't been his best series to date but is sure better than a lot of creator own stuff around today.

This issue we see Johnny and his gang robbing The Bastard for all he's worth with Roddy and Sammy going through the heavily secured hall that blows them to pieces, although cause they can regenerate any lost limb they get to the end and switch it off for the others. Meanwhile The Bastard is torturing Kasey for the information to where they are. He then sends Praetorian down to deal with them. He lands up fighting Gladiator (who has you find out in one of the previous issues is a hero being blackmailed). I will leave the end for you to read the end so it's not spoiled if you decide to get it.

Final verdict. This is a great series and at $2.99 for first 3 and $4.99 for double sized finale is a good price. If you like series like Thief of Thieves but like a bit more adult feel this is the series for you.

Rating: 4.5/5

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