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Joanie Cosmic was a notable radio personality and celebrity, who would be involved in the christening of a new ultra high tech supercollider in Utah as a part of a radio promotion. The massive underground supercollider designed to study and aid research in quantum physics. Unfortunately upon activation a fatal error would occur, with the supercollider creating and being swallowed in its entirety into a miniature black whole. Joanie undergoes radical transformation, a profound change on the quantum level, empowering her with the superhuman ability to manipulate reality on any scale by the application of rules of subatomic particles. Naming herself Supercollider, she is now a superhero and also appears to be in constant evolution, her personality conforming to the rules of order as she sheds some of her more human qualities. Her villains and nemesis include Professor Hieronymus Higgens, Senator Vile and Elemental Man. She is allies with Meridian and Omni-Engine.


Supercollider is a Boom! Studios published character that first appears in the 2012 series Deathmatch, appearing in its debut issue Deathmatch #1. Supercollider is designed and created by writer Paul Jenkins and artists Carlos Magno and Michael Garland, writers and artists of the series.

Character Evolution

Supercollider plays a small supporting role in Deathmatch, she is one of the few victims of the death match and rarely appears otherwise.

Major Story Arcs


Supercollider is transported by mysterious unseen forces to an enclosed complex along with a various assortment of other heroes, villains and vigilantes. Neither her or the other heroes or villains understand why they are there or who orchestrated the situation, and they seem powerless and kept in check by powerful guards made of light.

Powers and Abilities

Supercollider possesses the ability to apply the laws of subatomic physics and quantum physics in regular conventional human interaction.

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