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 A Shocking Team
The majority of the members of the Superbuddies are former JLI (Justice League International) members. Most of whom were recruited by Maxwell Lord and his droid L-Ron. The self proclaimed Common Man's Heroes made a strip mall in Queens, New York their base of operations.
The Team consisted of Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Mary Marvel, Booster Gold, Captain Atom , Fire, Sue Dibny and her husband Ralph Dibny (the Elongated Man). Captain Marvel,  Mary's brother, was also offered an invite to the team, but he declined. 
  The Team is very dysfunctional. None of the members get along, and the two former close friends Ted Kord and Booster Gold even begin to fight amongst themselves trying to one up each other in quests to prove that they are more mature than the other. 
Booster Gold...Star
The two most commonly hated/picked on members are Booster and Ralph, being none of the other members take them seriously as heroes and for good reasons. Fire and Mary Marvel clash due to their difference in morals. Fire runs a smutty website were she poses sexually for pictures and videos which she sells over the site, which is called This irritates Mary as she is a more conservative woman, and sees the career Fire has chosen as cheap and morally offensive. The arguments lead to a demeaning nick-name for Mary via Fire’s wit, she refers to her as “Mary Poppins”.  Fire’s immature attitude also results in some discord between Sue and Ralph, when Fire is able to convince Sue that Ralph is only level 4 out of 10, on the hotness scale. This results in giving the Ralph an inferiority complex. Captain Atom is constantly frustrated with the rest of the teams bickering, and lack of seriousness. He often contemplates leaving the team wondering why he even agreed to join up with them in the first place. And then Maxwell Lord fully intends to complete his get rich quick scheme by selling out his new found employees to every medium known to man, Shirts, Hats, Action Figures, Comics, and even a Video Game and a Saturday Morning Cartoon deal for the group. He also gets the team a 1-800 number for fan phone service sessions.

 No Mary Poppins
The team promptly and swiftly defeats the E-Street Bloodsuckers, a second rate super-villain team who are almost never successful in their petty crimes. Later, during the first scheduled team meeting ,they are all put under a mind control, spell and forced to fight in an intergalactic gladiator arena, by the super villainess Roulette. When Mary Marvel is thrown into the arena with Captain Atom, she nearly beats Atom dead until Fire shows up to help. Eventually Mary is able to fight of Roulette’s mind control and Defeat her saving the Super Buddies.

Captain Atom
When Captain Atom is gravely injured and is oozing radioactive radiation, Booster and Ted take him as quickly as they can to a superhuman hospital. While the rest of the team comes into contact with L-Ron’s old master Manga Khan. It turns out he has made the trip to earth to retrieve his robot property L-Ron. He brings with him another former JLI member Gnort in the hopes of a trade. But the Superbuddies refuse to give into Khan’s demands and Booster clumsily falls into a row of Khan’s soldiers knocking them down, this forces Khan into a rage where he declares war on the earth. However the real Justice League, steps in and intervenes thus helping earth to avoid another potential crisis.  After this the team disbands for a period.

 10 on the Hotness Scale
The team then reforms with all of the original members after the events of Identity Crisis, with the exception of Sue Dibny who was pregnant when she was murdered during the events of Identity Crisis. There is a running gag in the series over whether or not Sue is pregnant. Now good friends Fire and Mary Marvel become roommates, which annoys Captain Marvel. However Captain Atom does quit the team and sues Maxwell Lord. Green Lantern Guy Gardner opens a bar right next door to the Superbuddie’s mall, and is constantly sexually harassing the female members of the team.

The team ends up in hell after Booster Gold accidentally sends them there by messing around with Dr. Fate’s Talisman in the JLA Watch Tower. Power Girl and Guy Gardner go to hell to attempt to rescue the team. Mary Marvel is in her child form since her magic word does not work in hell, she is then captured by demons, who use this advantage to make the team work at a Burger resturant in hell. When Fire and Gardner find Ice another JLI former member also residing in hell, they show deep sorrow and pity for her. Which in turn disgusts the demons so much the kick them all out of hell.

Saving Fate.
Almost immediately after escaping Hell the team runs into the “Power Posse” a team of evil alternate reality versions of themselves. After having to do battle against this alternate reality team. Dr. Fate steps in and saves them, sending the evil versions back to their reality.

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