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In Hawaii Poison Ivy gets Superboy to destroy all the buildings since she believes they threaten the environment.

Robin, in his normal guise of Tim Drake, and Alfred have taken a plane to Hawaii to catch them. Unbeknownst to all Metallo has also come to Hawaii to exact revenge on Superboy and Robin having.

In a helicopter, two members of the Department of Agriculture, have caught up with Superboy having witnessed his destruction of the various buildings. Despite Poison Ivy's protests he flys off to attack them but as the helicopter is about to crash into a waterfall he snaps out of the trance and saves the two men.

Metallo has tracked down Robin and the two fight but Robin manages to escape only to run into Superboy who suggests they team up once again to defeat Poison Ivy and Metallo. However just as Robin is starting to be convinced that he isn't under Poison Ivy's spell, Poison Ivy appears, and tells Robin that it's too late and she got to him first. Superboy battles Robin who eventually produces the Kyrptonite Ring which snaps Superboy out of the trance.

Unbeknownst to Robin, Poison Ivy has snuck up behind him and knocks him on the head with a branch so she can steal the ring. However just as she has done this Metallo shows up to exact revenge once again. Whilst Robin fights Metallo, Poison Ivy threatens Superboy with the Kryptonite Ring if he won't follow her orders. He declines and Poison Ivy continues to torture him. However she gets too close to him and he knocks her out with a punch.

Meanwhile Robin has managed to drag Metallo over a cliff that will plunge both of them into the water. However Superboy arrives to rescue Robin although since he is weak from the Kryptonite he soon loses the ability to fly. Robin has tried to use a grapple hook on a rock but fails on the first attempt. However on the second attempt he succeeds and they both manage to use the hook to reach a ledge. Metallo, however, has escaped underwater.

Later Poison Ivy has been arrested and Superboy is tricked into handing back the Kryptonite Ring to Robin. After learning of the Batcave Superboy wants to visit it but Robin manages to evade it by tricking Superboy once again.

At the end Robin and Alfred have returned to the Batcave. Batman arrives eager to back into business as Batman since he had to be Bruce Wayne for the whole weekend. He asks them what they have been doing but they manage to evade the question. As he leaves, however, he tells them both that they did good work in Hawaii. After he has left Robin wants to know how he does that.

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