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After being retconned out of existence in the DCU by John Byrne's The Man of Steel, Superboy returned as part of the Death of Superman storyline that continued as Reign of the Supermen. Connor Kent, or Kon-El, as he became known, turned out to be a clone of both Superman and SPOILER ALERT! Following this 1994 debut, Kon teams up with Robin to fight Metallo and Poison Ivy as The World's Finest; and, later with Impulse, he and Robin form the core of Young Justice. This iteration of Superboy didn't fare any better than the Silver Age version from The New Adventures of Superboy, or the syndicated UPN Superboy: The Comic Book version, although he had the longer running title and several more appearances. In addition to this title and Young Justice, Kon anchored a short-lived Superboy and the Ravers. Just because, that's why. Kon has very little - if anything to do with the '90's incarnation of Legionnaires / Legion of Super-Heroes. Because, okay! - just stop asking why already! It was the '90's. We're all embarassed by something we did during that decade...This Boy of Steel would last 100 (or is that One Million?) issues until the coming of Smallville, the longest running (non)super-hero themed show to date.         

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