Who wants Superboy and Wonder Girl back together?

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They had broken up pre 52 and it seems they erased history between the two in the new 52. I loved the romance between the two of them, they are just so perfect for each other. I really want them to get back together and maybe in their possible future they can get married and have kids. What do you think? Should they get together again?

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i thought that was what they were impling in the new 52 , i interpreted it as a brewing love triangle between tim , conner, and cassie. cassie may like conner , conner is oblivious due to almost no social interaction , and tim likes cassie . or maybe im just delusional here lol

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No way. Superboy's better as a lone wolf.

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I havent read much of th new 52, as my country is slow at getting them, so i dont know if it is implied that they will get together again. As for Superboy, I think hes been alone for too long and that he needs Wonder Girl who I believe is his soul mate.

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Superboy/Miss Martian or GTFO.

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@_Zombie_: I never liked the superboy/miss martian in young justice, its just so wrong, they have nothing in common, and recently she mindr***d him, besides Wonder Girl is more of a match for superboy than miss martian will ever be.

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@JasonTodd13: I love SB/MM.

And I know next to nothing about Wonder Girl, save for that her YJ incarnation was annoying beyond belief.

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Robin/Wonder Girl FTW

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@_Zombie_: why do you think shes annoying in YJ? She only recently joined the team, and I think shes cool, its like one of the realistic attitude for a new member of the team.

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@JasonTodd13: Her attitude just irritated me. Dunno why, but she was almost instantly my least favorite new addition.

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@_Zombie_: I would have thought tht it would have been Lagoon boy that you dont like of the newbies, Lots of people dislike him for some reason, i dont know why.

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As I just view this New52 as just another earth completely seperate from the one pre-Flashpoint, the new Earth-50, they might as well keep them apart & let them evolve into the completely seperate, new & distinctly different characters that they are.

& that means keeping Conner & MM apart as well, as they can be together on Earth-16. Pair this Superboy up with Kaitlyn Fairchild. Or Cassie the Batgirl. Hell, ship him with Aquagirl.

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@COBRAMORPH: its wonder girl and superboy forever that i want, nobody else is a perfect match for superboy, and i agree they should keep megan away from him.

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I am kind of unsure that she needed to revive superboy, because she can’t take that he was dead. I know that hero and villain get revived allot in DC that it is a joke but still It is a little concerning.

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They better not turn Wgirl into the boring girl like before hoenstly every single issue was like reading teen drama whenever it came to her and when she became leader she became so bland I couldn't even taste the Wgirl anymore it was just "girl."

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I havent even seen the new 52 wonder girl yet, but i stil like the pre 52 version.

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Cassie and Kon was only interesting when he was Kon. Though I did love the short stint during Adventure Comics V2. The Nu52 changed that opinion for me, I absolutely adore these two. NuCassie is by far the best Cassie ever. Sure the TT book writing is kind of trash but the characterization is great. I am really looking forward to see how their relationship blossoms.

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tana moon,wondergirl,ms martian,tgese are the loves of suoerboys lives,but they are his loves from other universes,this is a new one,and im waiting to see who DC wants to be his new love.

tana is probably gone forever,cassie hopefully will be his best bud or teammate,tge double punch right to evils heart,and miss martin might be his mother now,so ill wait patiently and see,but it better nkt be that paris hilton wannabe who rented his place to him.

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@stephens2177: Miss Martian? Nah, Superboy never said he loved Megan in YJ, all they did was make up and role play. I hope there isnt anyone new for superboy because Cassie is his soulmate. Agreed, Tana gone forever, but i dont think Miss martian gave superboy a part of her dna, thats just gross.

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@JasonTodd13: it was implied bigtime that SB and megan were in love on the show.

oh and imo there is a possibility Harvest took dna samples from both kal and lex,and put them into megans womb,then let nature take its course,and have her deliver him.martians have molcular control control over their own bodies,which would help with a powerful baby inside,not to memtion martians powers,besides telepathy,are all based on a very powerful version of "self telekinesis",which could explain why kon has another set of powers unlike supermans.

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@stephens2177: Implied means not real,

You have disgusting thoughts. Besides Martians dont reproduce the same as Humans. Pre 52 was better with just Lex and supes dna inside him and its a fact that megan isnt the third donor, the donor is still a mystery though.

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Superboy Annual 2013

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@JasonTodd13 : not disgusting,just not an idea you prefer,and believe me i know it probably wont happen,but it could explain a lot about how SB has TTK and spread out consciiusness,and a "mother".

you ever go digital yet jasontodd13?we are on issue 16 now,you need to catch up somehow.

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@stephens2177: Nope, my country is still so slow thats its not even funny. practically the only new 52 comic released in my country is one of the wonder woman comics. and i cant be bothered with digital, i have been to sites like scans daily and they dont have every page of the new 52 comics i want to read.

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ok you either need to bite the bullet and pay for issues on comixology,or you can go cheap and go to 4chan,its a site where they post practucally the whole book,inside a day or so frok it being released.superboy#16 came out yesterday,and before i went to bed it already posted 17 of the 20 pages of the issue,4chan is the site,just search for superboy,and go down until you see a thread with the cover of the issue on it,then click view,and it will open to a long list of threads and they will all be there.i really hate that such a big fan is stuck without seeing the new stuff.remember 4chan,just look for the search bar,and you will be very happy,i promise.

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I don't want any of the main Titans to date each other (an exception maybe being Solstice and Kid Flash) but there should be some tension. Red Robin and Wonder Girl? Wonder Girl and Superboy? Red Robin and Rose Wilson? Bunker and.....I don't know of many gay male teen heroes or villains so I dunno on that one.

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Kon and Rose would be... interesting.

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