When did he get Kryptonian powers?

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To begin with, he only had telekinesis. When did he get Sups powers?

And WHY didn't he have them to begin with?

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@waezi2: are you talking the progression from the Kesel SB to johns Conner kent? Or just in the new 52?

Kesel was always meant to have "built in" kryptonian like powers of super hearing and heat vision,but still being a human equivalent of a kryptonian,not the real thing.

Johns retconned him into having half human,half kryptonian DNA,so he gave him kryptonian powers(slowly) and at a weaker solar absorption rate,and limited his TTK to almost nothing but blowing stuff up.

Lobdell in the new 52 gave him massive TTK powers(full TK and touch TK senses),but it was shown that he can lift atleast 3 tons without it,heal very fast,also the evil Jon lane kent who kon was cloned from has said he is more than just TTK,and has powers like his dad,so we will see.

Hope that helped.

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