What should be Superboys powerset?

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Poll: What should be Superboys powerset? (22 votes)

YJ tv show/golden age 23%
Kesel 99's touch TTK 14%
Lobdell full TK and TTK senses 23%
Slightly weaker solar absorption it all kryptonian powers with limited TTK 18%
Full kryptonian powers with full TK 36%
Mix of YJ tv show and Lobdell full TK and TTK senses 18%

These are all the different powersets kon has had in comics and tv,and which would be best going forward,and throughout all forms of media?

I added the last one,because at this time it's my choice.

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There is a lot of young justice tv show fans,but every version of comic book kon el has had TK of some kind,so where is the happy medium? Where can all superboy fans be happy.

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I like the YJ version.

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@farkam: exactly,that's why i love TTK,and would love to see a touch TK and touch TTK sense powerset,I know to draw in the fans of the shows version you need him to be similar.thats why I've made up my own fanboy season three of young justice where his aging gets fixed,and instead of growing into more kryptonian powers he has lacked(flight,super speed,heat vision,super breath,X-ray,microscopic,and telescopic vision) he grows into TTK powers.he uses his TTK to fly,have a long range defense,move this fast all at once,and to scan and read everything he touches instantly ,this way he still like superman in that he has super strength,durability,healing,jumping,super hearing,and infra red vision like him,but has his own unique abilities also.both powersets compliment each other perfectly IMO.

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@stephens2177: The happy medium for superboy should be like YJ, Kon should start with super strength and varied invulnerability because of his kryptonian DNA and denser muscular and skeletal structure he would also have super hearing and varied enhanced visions from this as well, Kon-Els solar powers should start to grow slowly like they did in the teen titans comic because his growth was sped up which would mean that he did not have enough time to absorb enough solar energy to get all of his kryptonian powers, and in the mean time while his solar powers are growing his human DNA mixture should grant him a medium strength ttk so that he can fly , jump even farther , feel where people are with it like sonar (to make up for his not having complete enhanced vision and maybe help with his invulnerability, Kon -El should start to lose his ttk based abilities when he starts to absorbs more solar energy and gains his kryptonian based powers, the reason why Superboy would start to lose his ttk is because of the solar energy that his cells absorb and store would make his kryptonian DNA the more dominant of his two DNA's.

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@bigbadwolfx0: in the comics kon has always started with his TTK powers first,then grew into his kryptonian powers,which when he has been shown at full adulthood during both sins of youth and titans of tomorrow storylines his TTK was shown as growing to full TK.

YJ tv show is the only place kon has ever been shown not having TTK,and that was created with the intention to limit their characters like Wally not having the speedforce and superman not having super breath.

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@stephens2177: ya I know that's how he been done that's why YJ and small like was so loved I think that's the way it needs to be done his name is Super-boy

Not Boy-super

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Every version of kon/Conner has TK as his completed powerset

Kesel-sins of youth- full TK

Geoff-titans of tomorrow-full TK

Lobdell-new 52-full TK

Smallville-Titans-full TK

That's got to tell ya something.

I really liked the YJ shows version,but I knew as soon as he was trying to fly in that first episode that he was born for more than a flawed and limited clone.

This is how it could happen in season 3

- either they find a way to fix his aging problem and instead of growing into kryptonian powers,he grows into TK powers.

- or lex takes the Reach's human meta gene work and unlock corners human meta gene potential.

-or just say all genomorphs have some form of mental power,and conner is his TK.

The YJ shows Conner lacks flight,super speed,super breath,heat vision,microscopic,telescopic,and x ray vision.

What I would propose as a TK substitute is full TK and TTK senses.the full TK will allow him to fly,and move things fast,and give him a defensive and long range powder.TTK senses would be him having a super touch that can read or scan anything his TK travels to,aslong as he is in contact with it.

This way his powerset would be

Super strength



super jump

Healing factor

Full TK

Super hearing

TTK senses

Infrared vision

Perfect compliment to what he already has,and makes him unique standing by superman.

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@stephens2177: I am not arguing with u at all but that's the way it's been done they didn't even hint to ttk in smallville until titans I thought superboy was impressive in SV because he had such control over his powers and i agree with u in young justice I hated that he didn't have all of his powers I thought he might develop them later or he might get hurt or experimented on by the reach. Don't get me wrong I loce tk but I feel like it should not be his base power or it should at least be even I hate how new 52 kon has no kryptonian powers it's like I said before the name is superboy not boysuper

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@bigbadwolfx0: I agree about how the new 52 kon should absolutly have kryptonian powers,he has always had either some,or all of them,even the Kesel original version had his older adult version have some kryptonian powers,even if they were explained by genetic add on powers.

Superboy should always be a clone of superman,a solar battery,have atleast some kryptonian powers,and they should be atleast half his full powerset.BUT I do believe he should have TTK in some form always also,and be a large part of his powerset.

Smallville used the fact that the Superboy on the show never flew as a way to bring TK into his powerset,and the YJ tv show version obviously needed and wanted more than what he had.since that first time he couldn't fly in the elevator shaft,to getting showed up by blue beetle in season two,he was a character who was primed for a power up.

I've never wanted kon to have a total kryptonian powerset and that's it.i have at times wanted him to have nothing but a TTK powerset,but now I've come to the realization that he needs a combination of both to make him whole,cause the YJ tv show and Lobdell versions are only parts of what he should be IMO.

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I liked where he was at the end of the old timeline...where he had all of the normal Kryptonian powers...though I'd say he was most likely much weaker than Superman or Supergirl...and his TTK was growing even stronger....he even took down Parasite with grain from a wheat field

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@danhimself: did you like that his kryptonian powers were weaker than Kal and Kara's? I ask because Geoffs version had a solar absorbing limitation while the smallville version seems to have no weakness and has all the powers at full power,but also with full TK.

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Should be a TTK no Kryptonian powers.

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I got a question for everyone,how powerful should kon be compared to a full blooded kryptonian teen boy that is his size? Should he be weaker somehow? Stronger? The same?

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I wouldn't mind him having weaker kryptonian powers,but with TK powers to help keep his ass alive if he went up against one. Kinda like how Match on the YJ show was beating the hell out of him before he took a Shield,then add full TK to kon,and see what you get.

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I like Pre-Flashpoint and New 52. so i voted for both 3 and 4. Young Justice Superboy was too weak IMO.

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@allstarsuperman: would you feel like adding Full TK to his powerset would make him powerful enough for you?

I know I'm a broken record,but if you add the YJ powerset with the Lobdell new 52 powerset(even if you weakend it a lil) it would make a great powerset for him.

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@allstarsuperman: would you feel like adding Full TK to his powerset would make him powerful enough for you?

I know I'm a broken record,but if you add the YJ powerset with the Lobdell new 52 powerset(even if you weakend it a lil) it would make a great powerset for him.

yes and no. Young Justice Connor was cool and all, but he should stay YJ superboy. I personally like Pre-flashpoint and New 52 Superboy better. I didnt like how YJ Superboy was angry and stuff.

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@allstarsuperman: ok how about this scenario.

New 52 kon comes back from death with a more "human" personality,and power wise he has a mix of golden age kryptonian powers and limits plus his TTK powerset,even if it is a lil less powerful.

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@stephens2177: honestly i dont even read superboy or teen titans comics, i have only read him in hel on earth and krypton returns. but he seems awesome. sad he died.

#21 Posted by stephens2177 (1224 posts) - - Show Bio

@allstarsuperman: lets just say he had a lot of potential to be awesome,and it was sad that he had to die for some to see it.not to mention his book is being written better than it every was,and it's being wasted on a mass murdering psycho right now.

Power wise I want a total 50/50 mix of kryptonian and TK powers,and I want them to compliment each other,not overlap each other,which I've seen done in the past.i also don't want kon to be somehow more powerful than superman,I think making a character to powerful makes them a easy target for death or going evil.i want a equal or a guy who fights everyday to be considered a equal.

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@stephens2177: I think superboy should be Thor level, but not quite superman level

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I like the touch-TK in place of heat vision and cold breath. However, I like the idea of the "red shield" patches from Luthor that can make him full-kryptonian, granting him those powers and increasing his strength. It was an interesting hook.

I'm not crazy about full-TK, even if it's close-range. I like the idea that he has to touch something to manipulate it.

I just think there needs to be a balance between the Young Justice (comics) version where he could not use his powers without vocally reminding people that they were different from Superman's and the Johns-era Teen Titans version where there was pretty much no indication that they were different at all (including giving him heat vision).

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@allstarsuperman: some would say Thor is Superman level,I wouldn't though.

I can see kon throwing punches with Thor,then while Thor throws he hammer,kon throws a TK blast/shield.

I think kon should have to struggle and fight like hell to be SUPER everyday.

@fodigg: besides mixing the Lobdell and YJ shows powersets,I've always also wanted a mix of Kesel 90's TTK with lobdells touch TTK senses,I forgot to add it to the list of powersets up top,but it would be a fun powerset.

I've always been into the touch aspect to,but I have accepted that DC wants him with full TK,and his TTK is a power that grows over time into full TK.have you seen how all four full TK versions have been shown and used? They are sins of youth,titans of tomorrow,new 52,and smallville:Titans.if you have,are any appealing to you?

In a perfect world he would have 50/50 of both powersets,maybe starting out with both being a lil limited to make the other needed,atleast that's what I want.

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I noticed the poll has kon having full kryptonian powers and full TK as the front runner at this moment.so I was wondering are you guys saying you want kon to be more powerful than superman? Cause that's what he would be if he had that powerset.

I personally want a equal or a slightly weaker kon,so he has to push himself and struggle to be like superman

#29 Posted by Bigbadwolfx0 (448 posts) - - Show Bio

@stephens2177: by no means should he be stronger now but As he grows older yes his kryptonian powers should be first and the tk second

#30 Posted by stephens2177 (1224 posts) - - Show Bio

It's hard to compare kon and Kal when they are different ages and sizes,and at different times in their power growth.i would rather compare kon to Match from the YJ tv show(because he was a full clone of superman,just insane),or Kara from everything else

I think keeping him slightly physically weaker than those two would be good,and that way he can match them with his TK.

The problem lies in balancing the two powersets IMO.geoff limited Kon's TTK to almost nothing so he could showcase his kryptonian side,and IMO that was wrong,but I also wouldn't want the kryptonian side next to nothing so the TK could shine,they need to be 50/50 to me.i think the new 52 TK is a lil to damn powerful to just add to another powerset,he would be a god.i would weaken,or atleast not make it so big of a power that his kryptonian side couldn't shine also.

I don't really want him to have all the kryptonian powers either,cause what would be the point of the TK if he had them all,there has to be a reason he has the TK,and not just to over power him just to do it.

I think his fight with Match in the episode Agendas is a perfect way to show how kryptonian powerful he should be,definitely powerful enough to take them on,but also weaker than them where he would need something extra to not get beatdown like he did in the episode.

I would make Kara stronger,faster,and more durable to him,but not enough where he couldn't attempt to defend himself.his full TK would take the place of her speed,heat vision and super breath weapon wise,he wouldn't be able to fly without his TK,and he super senses would be way better than his,which is why he should have TTK senses,or super TK touch,to get closer to hers,even of his is still limited.

I would still make him a top tier brick,just with TK,to make him SUPER

I like the idea that his senses are limited somehow,so he seems more down to earth,while superman can fly over the earth and just pick something out easily.while superman sees all manner of things with his senses,kon could see heat signatures and shapes,but when touching them scan them as well as superman,but that gives him a huge limit that Kal and Kara wouldn't have.

He should be able to push himself in a direction at super speed by using TK hyper acceleration,but not actual super speed like they do.i do think using full TK and his TTK senses he can move things as fast as they can,just not him.

I like he idea that his hearing is as good as theirs though,that way he can still come to the rescue from a distance like they can,

The TK powers are there to over come kryptonian limitations he has,and his kryptonian powers are there to shore up the flaws in his TK powers(like physical durability and no touch senses)

I would love to see my version face off against Match,Kara,a Martian,hell doomsday,he would be badass,but very human..

#31 Posted by Bigbadwolfx0 (448 posts) - - Show Bio

@stephens2177: I don't disagree with u but he should have at min 70/30 power set

With kryptonian on top he should have the three basics strength, durability , and flight, kon should use the tk or ttk to have or add super speed or flight , he could use ttk as a sonar and X-ray to make up for enhanced vision and hearing it could also be used as a sort of force vision which can be used to start fires or heat things up by causing friction among the molecules, it Should even be used to give him even more strength and durability so he can keep up with full blood kryptonians and to help with the fact of his true age not the age he was sped grown to it would also help with his solar powers being in there infantile stage, kon at this stage should not be on kals level kal has age experience and a hell of a lot more solor energy. It's known that kryptonian DNA is the dominant of the two so as kon ages his kryptonian powers should grow along with his ttk which should become psychokinesis and at this stage he should be one of the strongest beings in the dc universe, unless he decides to cannonball into the sun and become a god just like his papa (I hate it when the call kon and kal cousins )

#32 Posted by stephens2177 (1224 posts) - - Show Bio

@bigbadwolfx0: so in your opinion is TTK just a mutated form of kryptonian powers until it grows into full blown kryptonian powers?

Then his psychokinesis/full TK is just the fully grown TTK that didn't grow into kryptonian powers?

I guess it really depends on how powerful you want kon to be,then base his powerset on that.

I used to always want him to be more powerful than superman when he was a adult,but now I just want him to be the best he can be while not being a perfect clone of superman.

#33 Posted by Bigbadwolfx0 (448 posts) - - Show Bio

@stephens2177: yes ttk or tk was at least a mutation for kryptonians like Chris Kent who was born in the phantom zone developed tk and Connor who is a hybrid clone got tk it seems like any thing that touches kryptonian DNA in any way seems to gain this ability I believe there are others but I can not think of them but if all kryptonians with yellow sun gain it but can only manifest it thru flight would make sense yes better than some form of density shifting which should of stayed with the Martians.bi do want kon to be to much stronger than kal as a adult

The son surpasses the father or DNA donor

#34 Posted by stephens2177 (1224 posts) - - Show Bio

Flight = TK

super hearing = sonar vision

In the Smallville:titans arc flight and full TK to together, and in a past superman issue superhearing and sonar vision went together(and new 52's TTK senses is probably a advanced form of this).

These two could cover all his advanced powers, then add in the physical powers.

#35 Posted by stephens2177 (1224 posts) - - Show Bio

Another easy way to give him a consistent powerset would be to say he has the gravity/golden age powers and limits with full TK and TTK senses,which can be explained as anything his TK touches he can manipulate and perceive( no touch,just TK touch), it could take the place of every super sense a kryptonian has if it was a no touch ability,and the full TK would give him flight,offensive, defensive, and boosts his strength to normal kryptonian levels.so in effect he can be a kryptonians equal,but be weaker than them,which would make him work harder to equal them.

Gravity/golden age

Full TK

TTK senses(no physical touch)

#36 Posted by Bigbadwolfx0 (448 posts) - - Show Bio

@stephens2177: i was just thinking that in young justice I think that they were making the reach kinda like the dominators and were going to make a gene bomb like there was in the dc comics story line invasion which could of started to unlock kons powers

#37 Posted by stephens2177 (1224 posts) - - Show Bio

@bigbadwolfx0: there was so many ways Conner could get his TK powers on that show, but Weisman said no TTK, but how the heck would Wally have comeback if there wasn't a speed force on the show, and that was said to not be allowed either.if there was a season three, and not done by Weisman, I'm sure kon would have got powered up with TK.that is the only version of him that didn't have TK somehow.

The YJ fans are expecting to see a t shirt wearing limited kryptonian Superboy when they see the comics, and it would be nice to have that size fanbase added to the comic version,because he needs it right now badly.

Golden age/gravity or full strength physical powers plus full TK and TTK senses/sonar vision.

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@stephens2177: I was not expecting ttk in young justice there was enough with miss Martian I never expected that with kon I did expect for kons kryptonians DNA to become dominant like in the comic and to slowly develop his true powers

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@stephens2177: I have not watched young justice in a little bit why do I feel like I saw the dominators

#40 Posted by stephens2177 (1224 posts) - - Show Bio

On the show,and only the show,I would have been fine with kon getting a pair of super specs for super senses and heat vision and a Legion flight ring for flight and force fields.

Course him having TK is "his" thing,so him not having it just IMO means it was a very young kon,kinda like kesels kon only had TTK,and not any kryptonian powers,they just did it the opposite wAy.

#41 Posted by Stefano (373 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the TTK he has on the new 52. I would not mind if he developed kryptonian powers

#42 Posted by stephens2177 (1224 posts) - - Show Bio

They should establish that kryptonians have a base strength speed and durability that is golden age level,because of kryptons gravity.

Then have kon have this as his base

After that establish that regular kryptonians. Use the sun to amp their strength,speed,durability,and get heat vison,flight,super senses .

At this point say Conner was mutated because of the human DNA they used,and now he has TTK,which is not powered by the sun,but by his mind.

He has to consciously control this to amp his strength,speed,durability,flight,TK,and TK senses.

So he can be as powerful as a full kryptonian,but he has to focus to do it.

He has been shown already not be afflicted by kryptonite.

That's three things that make him unique.

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