What powers will he have.

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So in the revamp what powers will he have. Will he have his taktile telekinsis and eventualy gain supermans powers or will he start off some of supermans powers like in young justise.

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Difficult to say. In the promo pictures for the Superboy series he looks like a Cyborg sort of thing. It could be that he's not a clone of Superman anymore but a human creation, designed to kill Superman or something. Although obviously he will eventually join the Teen Titans. As for his powers, If it is a Cyborg type of deal he will likely have technological based powers which are designed to be similar to Superman.

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@azza04: i am sure it a revamp and not a reboot but makeing super boy a robot is by far the most stupid thing dc can do.
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@Z3RO180: I wasn't to keen on the idea either. There are so many questions unanswered at the minute about continuity and things. I want to know if the New Krypton stuff will still have happened after the revamp.

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@azza04: im mad because i was going to get back into super man and start reading up on super boy cause i like the character and then dc said hay were are rebooting the main conitnoity but its not a reboot its a revamp.
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apparently on the DC forums it a topic on this was linked to a Q&A from the site of one of the people writing either the new teen titans or Superboy comic not sure which of the two though. Anyways, they were asked if he'd still have his TTK and it was confirmed as a yes and no doubt they'll still give him the Kryptonian set as well. Don't think he'll be a robot that's probably just symbolic for the cover but I do get the feeling that they'll  do more of a 'weapon against superman' thing to him it does add more of a dynamic which was only touched on when lex controlled him.

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@fedykin87: i like what they are doing with super boys origin now that they have siad what they are going to do with him.

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