what is superboys full potential?

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he has so much power right out of the tube,but is it the end,or just the beginning? will he become as powerful as superman? will his TTK get more powerful? 
what are some new ways in the future his TK can be used/new abilities?

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okay ill start lol. 
he has kryptonian dna so could have a fraction of their power,none,or all...i prefernone or fraction. 
he has TK and TTK,he could at his most powerful have so much power in him that his TK stays on even without the conscious effort,his tactile sense could become full TK sense,where he scans everything without touching it,which would also amp his reflexes,and his knowledge of everything around him.he could breakdown molecules and go lawnmower man on stuff,or use it to simply pass through solid objects and change his clothing,weld steel beams together. 
more for the writers than him,but i would like to see it shown that his spread out mind makes him way more intelligemt and able to process information coming in through normal means or throufh his supersense. 
he should be able.to heal.himself pretty easily,and at some point be aware that he can make himself pretty much immortal through those means. 
wish he could agitate molecules in the air and create any level of heat he wants at the time,from simple blast or nova blast. 
by using his TK sense and intelligemce map your entire dna structure,to fix it or to use in battle with his TK. 
he could hse his TK like darkseids omega effect,following you wherever you go. 
freezing everything around him,no not like ice,but by keeping everything from moving,he could do this even on the weather in a area. 
anything else at full potential you seeing him doing?

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Dont know probably higher than original,i still don't know how his telekinesis power works

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he has full TK,just like any ither high level TK user,but also TTK,which makes him physically a equal to kryptonians,and works well in very close battles.he also has a consciousness spread through his whole body that he uses with his TTK to sense everything that he comes in contact with,no matter how he does it.he is not effected by kryptonite,but does have to be consciously aware to use his TK. 
if you got issue14 h'el has energy powers that seem to work a lot like kons do,but much more powerful.H'EL seems to be able to make himself invisible and teleport,which if you look at the list of abilities from a extremly high powered user of TK,it could be from that,someday maybe even kon can do this.

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full potential? probably a full powered Kryptonian with high level telekinetic abilities

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the thing is SBs powers take the place of pretty much every kryptonian power,unlike the past.geoff had his future self at full kryptonian powers and his TK was ONLY blasts and shields,no TTK,no sensory ability,and now no consciousness spread through his body,so i am not a huge fan of double stacking pretty much the same powers,or results,on top of each other. 
does anybody know of any alien or beijg in the DCU whos consciousness is spread throughout their body?

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@stephens2177:When hes grown up he will pretty much have have all of supes powers as well as being a high level TK user

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Superboy should've just started with all of Superman's powers same as Supergirl to avoid confusion. Trying to make Superboy have different powers was just dumb. If you want a super hero to have telekinesis, just give that power to a different super hero and not to a kryptonian character. It is less confusing if Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, and the phantom zone villains all have the same powers.

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Considering he got half of his DNA from Superman; about half of what Superman's is.

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He is Supreme

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he was always meant to be different than superman,thats why he has TK powers,its not just random.your pretty late complaining about him having a different powerset,1993 he came out with all TTK,that lasted for a decade before geoff rebooted him into a hybrid with hybrid powers,but still with TTK,even if it was way more limited.now he is all TTK again,just amped on all levels,wbich makes him as close to even as someone can be to a kryptonian.kon is supposed to be different,thats his thing,thats why he isnt a mindless bezerk clone,like the ones on krypton. 
what is the point of him being a carbon copy of kal? what would be the point of him then? 
at some point im sure his kryptonian dna will sprout kryptonian abilities,more than just his SUPER metabolism,and genetic memories,but imo i hope he doesnt get them all,he would be way to powerful,and he would have two powersets that made the other redudant. 
look at SBs weaknesses,when he isnt consciously thinking of using his powers,they arent on,so imo he should get a level of kryptonian durability so he wont get knocked off when he isnt awake or aware.the other is his need to touch thijgs for his TTK scan ability to reach out and work,so imo maybe if that never becomes something that doesnt need actual touch and just needs to reach out with it,then maybe he could get some super senses,like super hearing,so he can sense things from  a distance,but god no,heat vision or super breath plz,i wouldnt even give him super speed,i mean his TTK can work just as well,just ask bart allen. 
superboy is the psionic superman,he has always been meant to be just that,he is a hybrid clone,that by itself could have made his powers different,but we know there is a third "mother" donor,which could be anybody,so why would his powers be the same anyway? 

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powerherc i think his kryptonian potential should be as much as he has kryptonian dna as part of his entire gentic makeup,so either half,or a third,which i prefer a third,that would be more on the lines of golden age or YJ show SB levels. 
askanison295 SBs sensory abilites would work like Moores Supermes senses if allowed to fully grow imo,right now its closer to a earthbenders ability,or Skaars abikity,well plus that he not only scans to see thimgs,but to learn things also,and as a added bonus it makes him able to see thimgs at the speed they are moving,aslong as he is in contact with it,and let his TTK react to them.remember his mind isnt a normal mind,his is spread through his whole body and that allows for higher than normal intelligence,awesome memory,and super processing,which is good when his senses scan a huge thing like a entire island.

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