was superboy created in the future?

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could superboy have been created in the future by harvest.harvest seems to come from the future,and det lure lumps kon in the same 31st century file as tellus and bart allen. 
could it be a possibility?

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@stephens2177: no he wasnt created in the future

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how do you know?  
ok so do you think he could have dna donors from the future?

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@stephens2177: Did you read Superboy 1?

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he could have been started in the future,or received dna from the future,then brought back to the present when Harvest needs his ravager team easily.

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It seems unlikely, mostly because it would be a pointless fact. It doesn't actually change anything. His donors are probably still Superman and Lex Luthor, but I could see them changing the Lex side to turn out to be Harvester or something else random. He still kind of has a Lex look tho in my opinion so i doubt it.

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it was pointless to create Harvest and NOWHERE,instead of keeping his origin simple with cadmus,but they did it anyway. 
the idea that no one could clone superman is one that should be kept,and having Harvest from the future,where he could have been able to clone him with future tech is better imo than saying a present day organization could do this feat,which would open the door for more of the same,and superman shouldnt have millions of clones running around(besides SB and bizzaro). 
actually Harvest might even be from the legions future the way he seemed to know about them,also in my fanboy mind that would be a time where we might have a brainiac girl in existence,and she could be the third donor,the mother of SB.

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